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I’m still in shock here (I just wrote “shark” instead of “shock”). I can’t believe that the Habs just beat the Sharks 3-2. In regulation time too. And after coming off a win last night in Philly…. wow… I think … Continue reading

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Why the Habs have to win tonight…

Call me the shallowest person on earth, but I want bragging rights when I head into Sensville tomorrow to give a Sidney Crosby shirt to a relative (it’s like a bad joke “So a Habs fan walks into Sensville with … Continue reading

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If Boston makes the finals, I know who to cheer for

ABB. Anybody But Boston. And right now, I’d love that anybody to be San Jose. Going into last night’s game, I had never really watched the Sharks for more than 10 minutes (the last night I saw them they had … Continue reading

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you know things are bad when….

…I start talking about Andy Murray. Sue me. I had to go and read about something other than how badly every other team I follow is doing. Anyway, so there was this thing that appeared in the Telegraph thing and … Continue reading

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