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Oleeeeeeeeeee! Where to start…… hockey is indeed more fun once you’ve had something to drink. The Habs HAD to win this one because Greg was at his first and only hockey game of the year. The ice looks awful. The … Continue reading

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Random recap of sorts of the last two games

… because I can. And I feel like being random. Whoo! Game One boring first period for the most part. I thought the crowd at the Joe had died… Wings score off of Flambe’s butt. Hmm… thought he was trying … Continue reading

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Whooo! Caps 3 Puffles 2

Wow. If this is what the rest of the series is going to be like then we’re in for some exciting stuff here. And as long as we get the same result (a Caps win) I’ll be happy. Ovie was … Continue reading

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So not liking Crosby makes me anti-Canadian, eh?

JT at the H Does NOT Stand for Habs brought up in an interesting topic the other day about our (least) favorite player. Apparently someone said that if she didn’t cheer for the Penguins over the Capitals, she would be … Continue reading

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Penguins and I are done.

To continue the whole relationship theme (because I’m bored and annoyed), the Pens and I are finished. At the beginning of this year I tried to keep things going but gradually things changed. The beginning of the end happened when … Continue reading

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Random look at the goalies playing today

So I’m still looking to kill time before the puck drops but I figured that I’d at least do something interesting and look at who’s in nets today. I just noticed that some of my favorite and absolutely least favorite … Continue reading

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Hey Islanders fans…

Can I join you? I mean, at this rate I’ll be joining you in April anyway…. But right now I’d give anything to be an Islanders fan because at least they never had any hope from the beginning that their … Continue reading

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