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Well THAT was scary

Tonight definitely had a Halloweenish feel. We had zombies (Kostitsyn), ghosts (Gomez) and devils (Komisarek). I wasn’t fond of the guys masquerading as referees though. They weren’t good at all. But anwyay, the Habs got really into the whole thing … Continue reading

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Discontent indeed!

No, not me. Komisaurus. Jeez, since when has he become such a dirty player? Maybe I’m remembering things through rose coloured glasses but seriously, there was no way he was like this all the time. I would’ve remembered if he … Continue reading

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Leafs nation here we come!

I still think that this game should be next week instead of the Pens…. I’d love for our last game to be at home versus the Leafs….NHL schedule you fail once again. Do I need to say anything about this … Continue reading

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We got a w-w-w-w-win…. What’s that word again? Just kidding. The Habs stomped on the Thrashers tonight in a lovely manner if I do say so myself. Okay so I’ll be honest and say that I was actually following three … Continue reading

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And down they go…..

Oh how the mighty have fallen…. The Habs continued to plummet faster than a mono-plagued tennis player in the ATP standings. Oh yes. Down, down, down we go. Oh wait. We didn’t go down. Why? Because Steve Mason saved us … Continue reading

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Random look at the goalies playing today

So I’m still looking to kill time before the puck drops but I figured that I’d at least do something interesting and look at who’s in nets today. I just noticed that some of my favorite and absolutely least favorite … Continue reading

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Saturday morning ramble

First sign that the world has turned upside down. It’s Saturday and that usually means hockey. Today, I’m quite hyped about the game today. No, not the Stinky Sens vs. the Listless Habbies. I’m talking about Vancouver vs the Maple … Continue reading

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