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did my teams just go 5/5 tonight?

Why, yes, they did!!!! YES THEY DID. After trekking for miles and miles to return to Hockeyland, I arrived at the Auditorium more than a bit ready for some hockey. I settled into my incredibly old wooden seat along with … Continue reading

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Dear Habs…

Hi. Remember me? We used to be bffs until we sort of became “just friends” around Christmas this year? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I’m really proud of what you guys did in the playoffs. Sure, I … Continue reading

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Can we say “bitter, angry Canucks fan”?

From here: Even before the horn at GM Place officially ended the Canucks’ season Tuesday night, a dejected fan placed Roberto Luongo for sale on Craigslist: “Sulking, belligerent and grossly over-rated goaltender who can’t stop a beach ball, seeks new … Continue reading

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oh right… there are other teams playing too :D

Well, first off, the Habs seem to really like me not blogging about them. As you can see, they’ve been winning games and making a certain guy with a wannabeard kinda cranky (or maybe someone just put a pea under … Continue reading

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NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS YOUR FAULT, RANGERS. ALL. YOUR. FAULT. I HATE YOU. (well, I’ve never ever been a fan of yours anyway, so myeh).

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Regarding last night……

Before the Habs/Sens game I said that if the Habs snoozed this one away, I would kick a baby goalie. This caused an instant uproar and I was told that kicking a baby goalie was well, goalie abuse. One thing … Continue reading

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Habs vs Ducks: Thanks Hiller :D

Really, I missed a huge portion of it because I fell asleep again… but yeah… Thank you very much Hiller! The Habs owe their win to you. Way to stop the puck and effectively end the shootout only to turn … Continue reading

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