Who’s the pea-brain, really?

We’ll get to the title in a sec.. before that a ramble :D Contrary to popular belief, I have been following hockey…. It’s been more like 70% scoreboard watching and 30% actual watching though…

Lots of scoreboard watching though. Like, checking up on the Telus Cup or how PK’s little bro is doing at the U-18 tournament in Germany or how Peter Delmas is doing in Wheeling. The CHL hasn’t been particularly kind to be in round two though. The IceDogs were my only team to survive and now they’re getting clobbered by the Majors in the conference finals (boo). The Juniors failed epically against the Mehniacs and the Volts lost against the Olympiques.. oh and TheShawi lost in 7 against the Remprats…

Which leaves me having to choose between Patrick Roy’s Remprats and Benoit Groulx’s Olympiques.. that’s like having to pick between the Bruins and the Leafs. Ugh.

But speaking of Patrick Roy….

Apparently he was fined $2000 for saying that TheShawi’s GM “has a brain the size of a pea”.

I find that pretty hilarious if only because the real pea brain in this situation is Pat Roy…. Don’t change Pat Roy, please. Don’t ever change. I have too much fun at his expense…

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