Sweepity sweep

YAY Juniors win! And yaaaaaaaaaaay Volts win!

My brain is so fried right now so I have nothing great to add to that other than the Hammies are squashed the Heat and are now one point away from first in the division. Weren’t these guys just last week out of the playoffs? This division is CLOWNSHOES.

I can now officially go buy a Frk shirt without worrying about the potential conflict that’d cause during the series… \o/ too bad Frk didn’t score a goal in this series. Pretty much the the only guy who scored was Abeltshauser. Hmmph.

Also, someone please tell me why the NRJ has this creepy add on their website? Creepy kid was staring creepily at me all night :(

……. oh and there we go…… my bracket’s officially been ruined because Victo just beat Bat. Stupid Victo. Stupid Wahhh failing for Bat. D: And stupid Remprats for sweeping too….

Oh well…  the Juniors are already doing better than they did last season :D :D So yay!

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