So we’re 2 games into the CHL playoffs and….

1) FRK. FRK. FRK.  I got to see FRK. And I might have died when I actually saw that his name said FRK.


Dorky and Frk and some other Qmoose :D

As Hertzkid said “I guess everyone was too busy being depressed over the Habs because they’re not coming to see us”. So sad :( I’ve been to fuller regular season games. But everyone else’s loss. They didnt’ get to watch Frk beat up on Landry and then Dorky (yeah, the kid’s got something against ex-Volts or something). Or the Qmoose’s epic playoff hair. It’s all VERY BRIGHT yellow. Even poor Piche’s hair no longer matches his red jersey.

I missed out on Dorky scoring in game one because the Qmoose radio cut just JUST as he was about to score. I was hoping he’d score in game two but no such luck. Rose had a sick goal to open the scoring, Blonk had two goals, Captain Nic had a shorty and I’m pretty sure Gouchie and Pouliot (!) had the other two. Bearoobee’s numbers get to look a bit better with the shutout now.

Qmoose got pretty mad later in the game (can’t blame them too much) but all that did was get them into penalty trouble which resulted in more Juniors goals. Considering the Qmoose were technically still in it going into the third when it was only 2-0 for the Juniors, it was kinda not smart of the Qmoose to take stupid penalties. Oh well, their loss.

The Juniors are apparently spending today bowling in Halifax.

In random news: I need a Frk shirt :D

2) My bracket is ruined. Victo is up 3-0 in the Victo/BAT series. I’m sad/mad. Stupid Victo. And stupid BAT. We’re not friends anymore. Not that we ever were.. but still… we could’ve!

3) At least the Volts and IceDogs  are up 2-0.

4) which is more than I can say for the 67s. Did I miss something or is it a big deal that they’re down 2-0 to Sudbury in this series? Considering the 30 points difference between the two?

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