Q playoffs tiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh hi, yes, I am alive! Just in time for the Q (and OHL) playoffs to begin!

I’m still in shock that the Juniors are 1) in second place 2) are playing FRK and 3) I’ll be there on Friday to see FRK. ANYWAY. Seeing as I don’t want this to be a post with me just saying FRK all the time… here’s my playoff bracket of DOOM. Hoping this one goes better than the ones for the NCAA in which Pittsburgh apparently messed half the population’s bracket by losing (I was spared because I dont’ follow the NCAA at all. but still…).


I dunno if I really see the Juniors beating the Remprats, but in my little fantasy hockey world Dorky scores the OT winner against the Remprats and makes Patrick Roy really mad by doing so :D

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