Of Juniors and Goalies

So the Juniors played the Wildcats last night. As Hertzberg said on twitter “it wasn’t our best game but we got the W”. Yeah, and had me in a fit the whole time.

I swear they forgot that this is 2011 and not 2010. 2010 had the Wildcats as the second best team in the Q and the Juniors sitting a million points behind them. This year obviously things have changed. The Juniors have finally put some distance between themselves and the evil Remparts and are second in the league, while Wildcats are some 20 points behind them. Only someone forgot to tell the Juniors that.

They played the whole game like the Wildcats were some really super awesome team that they were just supposed to sit back and watch. Everyone – including yours truly who had a great vantage point – looked pretty surprised when the Wildcats opened the scoring just three minutes in. Not pretty. At least the Juniors had a functioning PP though. Blonk finally scored on the PP and the Wildcats fans across the arena (who had taken over almost an entire section) looked kind of dejected.

If the first period was trying, it was nothing compared to the rest of the game. Parkes put the Juniors up 2-1 on a 5 on 3 PP.  Just as they were about to announce his goal, Blonk ruined it by scoring again, so instead of hearing Parkes name over the PA system we got to listen to the goal horn being blasted into our ears. Oh well…

This is normally the point in time where we prefer the opposition to just quit and/or for the Juniors to score more goals. Well, Moncton had other plans and they scored not once, but twice to tie the game at 3.

Hertzberg got a chance to even more awesome and put the Juniors up 4-3 when he got hauled down on a breakwayish thing and got a penalty shot. We were just praying that he would be vastly better than the Phantoms Wellwood in the Hammies/Phantoms game (if you re-call, Wellwood missed the net by a mile). Hertzberg didn’t disappoint and there was plenty of celebrating after he scored.

The Juniors went up by two goals again when Blonk scored on – you guessed it – the PP in early in the third. Yes, that was a hatty for Blonk. In front of the RDS and Sportsnet cameras that were precariously perched on random scaffolding in the building. Talk about showing off for the cameras. Anyway, I have a policy of not wearing hats in the winter and even if I did, I wasn’t about to toss it on the ice. But I digress..

This two goal lead wasn’t about to last either. Gormley scored while Aubry was in the box after a minor scrum in front of the net. My hockey victim was not a happy person as they realized that that was Aubry’s second time to the box (and the second time that the Wildcats had capitalized). It was about to get a lot worse though… Pretty sure it was Xavi who let Hrvik make the entire team look stupid as the Slovak skated around Xavi and had a really sick goal on Bearoobee. Grosssss….

The game was obviously going to go to OT. The Juniors would’ve probably have won if Blonk’s stick hadn’t exploded while they were on the PP late in OT. As it was, they didn’t score and we had to endure a shootout….

In short… Hertzberg was awesome, Blonk was not and after a million misses/stops/heart attacks as the Wildcats had a chance to win the game but failed/ Gouchie scored and the Juniors won.

It was a good night for:

  • Blonk, Hertzberg, Rose, Parkes and Meillure who pretty much on the ice for all the goals.
  • The Juniors PP.
  • Brandon Thibeau actually gave his team a decent shot later in the third. He was stopping everything. Or so it felt, anyway…

Not having a great night:

  • Xavi, Landry and Gouchie. Xavi in particular was having a brutal night
  • Moncton’s PK (or we could just attribute this to the Juniors having a good PP. Same difference really).

IN OTHER NEWS…………………………

Did you know it was the trade deadline? I kinda forgot too. It’s okay.

Nothing overly interesting happened. The only thing of note was the Hammies acquiring Drew MacIntyre from the Thrashers/Wolves for Festerling.

The only reason why I see MacIntyre here is because Sanford’s going to be out of commission for longer than anyone was hoping for. If this weekend was any indication of how BobbyMayer’s season’s been going (and yeah, I’ve missed the majority of his season so I don’t know) then it’s been pretty inconsistent. It’s really tight in the North division right now and every win’s important especially considering only 6 of the last 21 games are NOT against divisional opponents.

I cannot for the life of me remember how MacIntyre was when the Hammies played him and the Wolves, but he played for the Sherbrooke Beavers ages ago so that’s one reason to like him :P

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