Hammies! Hammies!

Feels like FOREVER since I last followed a Hammies game through. In fact, I missed their entire five game losing streak and only started following again when they beat the Marlies. I’d say they missed me – and I’d add that I followed some of their second win the next day against the Rampage but then they lost to the Marlies the second time around. Anyway….  It was time for the second part of their yearly trek to Montreal and obviously I went.

Gonna be honest: as far as games went, it wasn’t their most riveting. That’s  to be expected, I suppose, when your most riveting player in David Desharnais (who makes everyone else riveting too) has been snatched away (yeah, still bitter). Also, I prefer to think that everyone was feeling bad about kicking Maxwell off the bus in Toronto when it was announced that he was being shipped off to Chicacgo (as in, the Wolves, not the Hawks). At least they had the decency to drop him off in civilization. I was having visions of them leaving him in a field in the middle of nowhere.


I had to put up with the Phantoms again (honestly, why can’t we just play the Marlies instead of the Phantoms? Who really cares in Habsland?). Thank goodness Leighton wasn’t in nets though.. that would’ve been just… blergh. Things that were blergh though:

  • the Hammies getting a PP and then giving up the puck to a Phantom and then said Phantom ended up being tripped up on his way to not scoring on Sanford and then the refs giving said Phantom a penalty shot. If you were a Phantoms fan then the blergh part came when the aforementioned Phantom missed the net entirely. Hammies fans rejoiced though.
  • the 3 PPs that the Hammies didn’t score on. Before you call me picky, just note that you can have a not blergh PP and not score or you can have a totally blergh PP and still not score.
  • Bonneau getting into a blergh fight for no real reason.
  • The Phantoms lone goal.
  • BC people trying to sell you “beer” but waving around Coors in your face. Hey yo, that stuff isn’t beer. It’s water. And I’m not paying $10 + for water.

There were plenty of things to be happy about though. Including but not limited to:

  • Nigel Dawes trying to win over the Hammies fans who were quite sad to see Benny go by scoring the first goal of the game (speaking of Dawes.. he fits right in with “the tiny players” profile that the Habs franchise is adopting. No complaints here as long as the little guy plays his heart out).
  • Sanford didn’t get hurt! No, really, this is a plus! He got hurt after the first period the last time I saw him play in Ottawa. Stay healthy, Sanford!
  • Also, yay for Sanford on being solid/lucky (he was definitely patting the goal posts after the 2nd).
  • Wyman scoring.
  • Newbie scoring.
  • Newbie scoring again.
  • Engqvist – who needs a nickname – was very popular in my row. No, I wasn’t sitting with Swedes.

So yeah… in conclusssssssionnnnnnn: Hammies winning is nice. Hammies winning when I’m there is even nicer. I’m now 5-1 at Hammies games  and 3-0 this season :))

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3 Responses to Hammies! Hammies!

  1. Number31 says:

    I seriously thought Dawes was bigger D:

  2. Shan says:

    Welcome back to the world.

  3. Number31 – I KNOW. I was like “Whoa…. Dawes is kinda tiny!”

    Shan – thank you :D

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