Who designated Wednesday goalie fight night?

I mean, I’m not complaining or anything…..

I just wish I could’ve seen that period live. Or even on TV. Apparently I missed an 8 goal period, a line brawl and this:

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One Response to Who designated Wednesday goalie fight night?

  1. Number31 says:

    Wow. I never heard the TSN version of this…. They’re such a bunch of fucktards. The call for this is no better than NESN! “All started when Gionta came flying in”? Obviously they missed the dirty hit Marchand did just before (or his slewfoot on Hamr), and the hit on Wiz on the icing after the whistle right there. “They got no one to deal with Chara!” Yea, whatevs, Chara only goes for guys from behind. Game misconduct for the sweater coming off on a goalie? Doesn’t apply, idiot! Not even one mention about Price’s rodeo skills being applied to his buddy Thomas, who bit off way more than he could chew there. “Like the old days”? Please… These Bs are a bunch of wankers, with Thornton being the biggest wank of them all. And Lucic running away from Moen all night. They can’t take it, only throw it, and if you dare throw back, they whine whine whine whine whiiiiiiiiiiine.

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