Random notes on the All-Star draft

“So Henrik…. ” “I’m Daniel…” “Whatever…. it’s not like Kesler knew which one of you guys he picked either… He just said Daniel and prayed that Daniel walked up instead of Henrik…”

  • What was up with “my boy” getting picked? Started with e-Staal picking “my boy Cam Ward” (who really looks like he belongs on a farm in the mid-west)… and it just kept going and going from there on end… D:
  • Captain Peachy was NOT pleased about not getting picked for a while. He looked so emo.
  • Was I the only one who went “o.O” when the camera showed Jonas Hiller wearing glasses?
  • Of Itty Bitty and Claude Giroux are at the AS Draft who’s watching Itty Bitty’s kids?
  • Seriously… how old is Jeff Skinner? He looks and sounds like he’s 8 years old….
  • e-Staal only picked m-Staal after m-Staal threatened to not give him any gifts for Christmas or his birthday.
  • Of course Brian Burke got all upset today after learning that Kessel was picked last. I think he’s just mad that the car that Kessel won is going to Boston too.

Quote of the night goes to Mike Green though…

James Duthie was talking to Rick Nash about something (I kinda zoned out at that point) and how he hasn’t been picked and whatnot…. then Greener goes up to the mic to announce team e-Staal’s next pick and he says:

We pre-thought that

Pre-thought? Really? I admit I had no idea that he even said that at first because the words that had come out before and after were completely garbled… but yeah, apparently he did indeed say “we pre-thought that”.

Between him and Kessel, not much was being done to negate the stereotype that hockey players can’t formulate sentences in the English language. On the other hand, as someone who perpetually butchers the aforementioned English language, there’s something a bit endearing about Greener’s lack of speaking abilities.

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3 Responses to Random notes on the All-Star draft

  1. dave says:

    Green speaks English better than Ovi! Of course, English is Green’s native language. My favorite quote was Ward’s response to getting chosen first – “Well, I WAS the best player available!” I heard that Lindstrom was hoping to get the first pick, because he was sure Staal was going to take Ward – then Lindstrom would take Stamkos with one pick and Ovi with the other. I loved watching Toews stew, it was obvious Kane was messing with him. (And Bobbi had a similar reaction to seeing Hiller in specs.)

  2. Haha, like you said though, Ovi at least gets to say his first language isn’t English :P Oh well, I like trying to decipher what Greener says!

    I would’ve liked it if Ovi was on team Lidstrom instead cuz I was randomly actually rooting for Team Lidstrom over team e-Staal… I dunno why…

  3. Shan says:

    I don’t know if I agree. RETHINK is a word, “prethink” isn’t… yet. But people need to make up words in order to coin new ones. If enough people start saying it and writing it, it’ll be in the dictionary one day!

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