Remember when Pogge used to be good?

I don’t because it was before I got into hockey, but there was indeed a time when Justin Pogge was actually good. Now? Well, now he’s gone insane. Like, “he’d fit right in in a Dostoyevsky book” insane.

You can see/read the whole thing on puckdaddy but here’s the video.

His earlier meltdown against Hershey:

and his more recent meltdown against the WBS Penguins.


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4 Responses to Remember when Pogge used to be good?

  1. Shan says:

    They show the replay of three Penguins going after him and the commentator is just saying “…you’ll have a chance to win a Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler vehicle.”


  2. Maybe they’ve gotten used to him going insane?

  3. Number31 says:

    Justin Pogge’s descent into madness continues… You could probably write a book on it!

    Once upon a time he flew out of the WJHC despite not expecting to make the team only to earn his spot and the starting position, then got drafted 90th overall by Toronto. And that’s where his troubles began, way before he mishandled the puck behind his net to allow the game winning goal by Davos in the Spengler Cup. Many nights, he would find himself hung out to dry by a team that had little skill and was often seen on his knees in his crease staring into the lights on the ceiling as the goal horn blared in his ears. This organization offered him little in veteran support and eventually he found himself traded to a team that was suddenly without a farm system where he was buried deeper on a strange depth chart to the ECHL and even popping up on the bench of obscure lower tier teams no one really knew the names of. Some say that’s where he snapped, but like any insane goalie he hid it well.

    That is until he found himself traded for Aaron Ward and subsequently buried deep in the Carolina Hurricanes’ depth chart. Now, he bites! His insanity has reached the boiling point! It’s like Falling Down, only on skates!

    (OK not really like Falling Down).

    Perhaps one day the once-promising netminder will wake up with a map of Europe plastered to his face. Subtle enough hint, I’d say. That or he’ll start throwing milk crates.

  4. Hahahahahaha! I love it!

    Maybe he needs to start throwing milk crates… it worked well enough in the end for Rask…

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