It was like \o/ /o\ \o/ KOIVU

\o/ Koiiiiiiivuuuu is baaaaaaack! \o/ \o/ \o/ Oh Koivu, you just don’t look good in a DUCKS jersey D: but welcome back! \o/ \o/

Then it was pretty much /o\ while the Hammies scored once and gave up three goals (we’re blaming it on BobbyMayer not getting to play in a long time and being super rusty) the Volts went down 2-0 to the Huskies (yeah, really), the IceDogs went down 4-2 to the Wolves and the Habs went down 3-1 to the Ducks.

and it was pretty much /o\ for a while… UNTIL……………..

\o/ The Hammies woke up from their nap and they tied it when Klubertanz and HunterBishop! scored late in the third period. \o/ \o/ \o/

And then they were all alive in OT but then they had to go to a shootout /o\ it was kinda a faily shootout but thanks to Newbie and Dusty the Hammies won! \o/ \o/

While the Hammies were literally making kids cry (I could hear kids crying over the radio feed), the Volts remembered that they were supposed to be winning too and they tied it up (thanks to a Palat shorty goal) and went to OT. They were a literally a second away from a shootout too when Palat scored \o/

\o/ AND THEN it was time to battle the IceDogs failboaty radio station that always crashes on me to listen to the end of their game….. The Hammie Bros decided to be all awesome. Dougie put the IceDogs within one with five mins left and then two and a half minutes later Freddie didn’t feel like getting left out so he scored too to tie it up. OT solved nothing (seeing a pattern here?) and it was off to a shootout. Anddddddddddd they ended up winning too!

At that point I was thinking it’d be hilarious if the Habs tied it up and sent their game to OT or a shootout when Patches actually tied it up.  It was like, “really? REALLY? More OT/SO?”

This one didn’t quite get a great ending because Hiller had to be all poopy and had to stop everyone. Meh. Can’t win ’em all, I guess. At least the fans voted Koivu for the second star which gave everyone another excuse to cheer for him (and gave me another excuse to yell “WE MISS YOU KOIVU” really loudly at the TV).

Not a bad night considering midway through the second periods I didn’t think anyone was going to score :D

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