did my teams just go 5/5 tonight?

Why, yes, they did!!!!


After trekking for miles and miles to return to Hockeyland, I arrived at the Auditorium more than a bit ready for some hockey. I settled into my incredibly old wooden seat along with czechtacular and got ready to watch the Juniors trounce the Huskies.

Too bad the Juniors didn’t feel like trouncing anyone. As per the stream of tweets from the game:

  • BBW living up to his name and sitting on the bench tonight :(
  • Lol at Gouchie flipping the puck at the ref and the ref making a wild attempt to catch it (and failing epically)
  • From czechtacular “EP keeps saying “pffffff” and it’s about to get contagious :)))”. Hey, not my fault the guys were doing all kinds of things that were “pffft” worthy :D
  • Bearoobee with a ‘pffft’ kind of save.
  • This PP is all kinds of pffft
  • Gahhhhhhh!!!! Pffffft!! Dhehdjwj…. Juniors are trying to outfail the fail team.
  • And then Dorky FINALLY scored a sweet goal that would have just been “pffft” if he had failed to score it.
  • Pffffttt tied at 1 (okay, so maybe I actually said “BLERGHJSGRFHJG” instead of “pfffffft”
  • Just as I said (quite loudly) ‘i hope you all get yelled at for not scoring’, Gouchie scored. Hey, maybe there are benefits to being in a quiet arena: the players can actually hear you yelling at them. Although at one point Bearoobee seemed to be glaring at me so…
  • Blonk seemed to spend more time in the penalty box than legit scoring. At one point he and another Huskies dude tried smack each other’s faces (the refs were holding them back but they were still flailing away).
  • You know you’re no longer watching last year’s Juniors when they score and you go ‘finally dammit!!!’ :) (I would tell you which guy it was but the Q site has decided to take away the game summaries and so I don’t know who scored. Pretty sure it was Gouchie again though)
  • Lmfao Meilleur sitting on his butt on the ice and the linesdude offered to help him up
  • Oh and at some point I remembered that Aubry and Hertzberg were sitting two rows back from us. Which was a bit unfortunate because by the third period I was exhausted and was just laughing at anyone and everything. Quite loudly too. Oops.
  • Roussel somehow got a goal when the Juniors got a late PP and if we didn’t think that the was already over at 3-1 with the Juniors on the PP with just a minute left, then it was definitely over now.
  • Well…it was not night over for the Huskies though. Later as I was chatting about the game with czechtacular we noticed that the Huskies were being made to run laps around part of the arena. Ouch.

During the Juniors game I obviously made sure to check up on everyone else…..

The Hammies – who are without half of their Hammies – were in Hartford to play the… Whale (can that name be any failier?). From what I gathered… Hammies scored three times (courtesy of HunterBishop!, Newbie and Nash). Then they gave up three goals (including a shorty……) and then they scored four times (thanks to Wyman, Dany and Ben twice). Take that Whale!

Apparently tonight was ex-Volts night as the Juniors/Huskies game at 3 of them and the Hammies had two. Dany also apparently failed to score on a penalty shot but he did manage to get his first goal in like, forever, later on. Gabby assisted on HunterBishop!’s goal before getting himself kicked out of the game. Dorky had a goal. And because the Q site does not have the summaries up, I can’t give you any statistic-y info on Landry and Comtois D:

The IceDogs also beat Dave Cameron and Majors. Nothing against Dave Cameron, but Mark being in nets for a win against a team with Maxim Kitsyn on it is pretty nice. Both teams basically traded a pile of goals before the IceDogs managed to get one in the empty net and wiiin. Yay Mark! Yay Hammie Bros. Yay!

Oh and last but not exactly least… the Habs (eh, more like, the Habs who are basically 50% Hammies) demolished the Sens. In Ottawa. It’s one of those games where you wish you could be there so you could say “I was a Habs fan in Scotiabank Place when my team won 7-1. It was freaking awesome.” Ahhh…..

I love hockey. And my teams.

Tomorrow night: Koivu vs the Habs. Oh boy.

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One Response to did my teams just go 5/5 tonight?

  1. Grrrreg says:

    The SeaDogs ruined my perfect night. The Failboats only lost by a goal though, so that’s almost a win. XD

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