The least you need to know about the Hammies/Amerks game

First off, I missed it. I know. I’m kinda devastated considering the epic – I repeat – EPIC win. Alas for things beyond our control – such as crappy scheduling.  but I really couldn’t NOT comment on this. I mean, it’s not every day that your wonderful team wins by an epic score of 7-0.

Yeah. You heard me.

After all those games in which I sobbed over the one goal games, they finally deliver with a ridiculous seven goal differential AND I MISS IT.

From what I’ve managed to gather from the game reports…

  • SEVEN DIFFERENT Hammies scored and almost everyone got at least a point (although Dusty didn’t. And neither did Gabby).
  • Apparently their first four in the second period was some kinda franchise record for fastest four goals scored (4:57). Their fifth goal later was apparently also a franchise record for five fasted scored.
  • All this epic-ness and the headline reads “Bulldogs roll past Amerks”. Roll? Seriously? More like “Bulldogs totally crush the Amerks and send them packing back to Amerksville”. C’mon, now’s not the time to be all nice and diplomatic about this. It’s the AMERKS. No need to play nice.
  • Jacob “I threw a hissy fit during the 08 WJC” Markstrom was in nets for the first five goals. He got replaced by Tyler Plante after. Not that it helped the Amerks.
  • Sanford got the shutout \o/ Although for a game that was really lopsided on the scoreboard, it wasn’t so lopsided on the shot clock. Apparently Sanford went 31/31 while the Amerks goalies went 28/35. That either makes… 1) Sanford really good 2) the Amerks goalies really bad or 3) the Amerks terrible at getting a half decent shot on goal  or 4) all of the above.
  • We do feel bad for Chuck. We still like Chuck. But he did chose the wrong side so…. yeah… this is entirely his own doing….
  • Next up: the Connecticut Whale. I wish that was a typo too. I just had to throw that in there because I don’t think I’ve ever had to write out that name before. Connecticut Whale. Definitely not one of my favourites either…

Enjoy the win, Hammies-fans, because the Sabres just destroyed a pile of Habs which means call-ups are in our immediate future D: Also, can David score and the Habs actually WIN a game, please? It’s getting a bit sad now. We’d like him to score and celebrating a flipping win!

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3 Responses to The least you need to know about the Hammies/Amerks game

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Yeah, all those habs injuries are not great news for the Hammies, that’s what I thought too. I wonder who might be called up. Probably not Boyd, because they’d risk losing him through re-entry waivers. Maybe Newbie (even if he wasn’t great until yesterday), Wyman or White? And that probably means Daviiiid will stay in Montreal for a bit now.

    Flandersdude and Al were so giddy during the second period yesterday, it was pretty fun. :D

  2. I wish we could always play the Amerks :P (well, as long as they’re always having a super bad day)

  3. Grrrreg says:

    So Engqvist was called up. That’s like the only one I didn’t mention in my earlier comment… Well that proves how well I know what I’m talking about! :P

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