Nothing like a random Juniors win to close out my holiday

It was the Juniors vs the Foreurs yesterday. Had to get my last bit of hockey in before I return to the Hockeyless Nation aka Another Field In the Middle of Nowhere.

Random tweets from the game with even more random notes in brackets:

  • It’s not even that full but I got the seats next to the noisy people :p
  • [no tweets followed for the next 5 minutes as the Foreurs went up 1-0 on 2 shots]
  • Lol at whichever guy won the face-off and nearly beaned the Val-d’or coach with the puck [hey, when your teams’ being dumb, you gotta laugh a the little things. dont’ worry, nobody got hurt]
  • Uhhh BBW replacing Bearoobeee [Bearoobee finished the night with a .500 sv%. or at least it looked like that anwyay]
  • After the Foreurs went 3-0 my victim (i always drag random victims to games with me :P) said: ‘maybe the Juniors will be like the Russians’ me: ‘yeah. Wait… Don’t say the ‘R’ word again…. ><‘
  • Oh look a goal for the right team! [“How do you spell ‘homer’?” “P-A-R-K-E-S!”]
  • Ohh another goal? Not a good day for either of the three (four soon?) goalies :p yay Parkes again tho!
  • [and then the inevitable happened…] Wtfffff ugly shorties are ugly!! [poor BBW. He looked sad after that one…]
  • I was informed at that point that the Juniors had allowed four goals on five shots with two different goalies. Ouch.


  • [I’m assuming it wasn’t pretty in the dressing room after that because they came out in the second period and actually didn’t look braindead.]
  • Viktor Guy scored!! [just 1:30 into the second]
  • [any celebrating was quickly put to an end when Sergeev tried to turn Dorky’s brains to mush] Nooooooooo Dorky not getting up :(
  • [and he didn’t move for a really long time either…. when he finally did the refs gave Sergeev two mins for turning Dorky’s brains into scrambled eggs]
  • At least they had the decency to score on the ensuing PP. Tied game. Still not happy abt Dorky :((( (heh it was Viktor Guy again… Good job with the first impression, dude)
  • [at some point in here the BBW was scrambling around for the puck and he apparently stopped it but then the refs decided to go look at the replay for what felt like half an hour to see if it went in. I dunno how they thought they could see anything other than the BBW’s face on the camera but yeah, they didn’t see the puck go in so it wasn’t a goal. the BBW was pleased]
  • These little drummers are particularly atrocious today…. [the Juniors have an army of little kids who go around trying to drum to the music that plays on the PA system. Sometimes they get it right and other days they just can’t drum to the proper rhythm to save their lives]
  • ‘These little goalies have perfect save percentages. I hope BBW and Chouinard were taking notes’ – words of wisdom from my victim again ;p


  • [Third period  saw the Juniors finally remember that they are the ones who are supposed to be winning this game] Hey look who’s leading finally :D [apparently it was an ugly goal but whatever]
  • Now who’s hurt?! I am really starting to hate Val-d’Or…. [apparently the Foreurs felt that if they couldn’t win the game they might as well try to beat up on the guy who scored two goals]
  • [At this point Blonk felt like it was a good idea to go after Sergeev. The crowd liked it, but the refs didn’t and they gave the extra penalty to Blonk]
  • Heh…Chouinard (the goalie) is shooting the equipment towards the benches…
  • Yeah! No need for OT! Juniors win 6-4! [gotta love Gooch scoring. Even if it was an empty net]
  • Meilleur gave BBW a hug when the team was celebrating. It was kinda adorable

Oh and the wonderful Hammies won 4-1 too :) I guess they’ve finally come to terms with the fact that David’s not around D:

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One Response to Nothing like a random Juniors win to close out my holiday

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Wait, no pics? booo! ><
    Nice recap though. :P

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