5 things

  1. This WJHC thing doesn’t like me. 5.4 seconds away from losing in the semi-finals three years ago frayed my nerves more than the crappy carpet on my floor. Two years ago it was a horrible OT loss……and this year…… Well… yeah…. Yuck. I couldn’t say the “h*ckey” or “R****a” at all yesterday….. RUDE. Oh well. Good job Canada. Silver’s okay too :P  And good job fans for filling up the HSBC arena. It was fun watching you :D
  2. At least Team Ontario likes me. Lil Gub (Erik Gudbranson’s little bro) and co beat the USA in the final in the U17 thingy in Winnipeg (hey, how come that’s the first time I’ve really seen the inside of the Moosies’ lair?). Way to go Team Ontario! Even if you beat Team Quebec in the semis….. D: D:
  3. I totally dubbed the guys from the Spits the SpitKids….
  4. To sum up the Q trade deadline: Kindl traded for a Viktor Guy, Comtois is gone, Brunelle will be gone because the Volts got ex-Junior and now ex-Screaming Eagle Pier-Antoine Dion (lol?), Halifax now has fifty million draft picks for the 2011 Q draft, and the Volts are still stuck with Nadeau and Graham. Hmm.
  5. Who wants to bet Coach made the Bolts walk back from Pittsburgh after they lost 8-1?
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