Hockey, hockey and more hockey!

After going WEEKS without hockey the hockey gods (or the people who schedule these games) FINALLY gave me a day to rival the good old days of a billion games at the same time :D

It all started with Canada playing the Czechs…  The least you need to know is:

  • Canada needs to stop giving up the first goal in a game.
  • Kassian needs to stop being involved in dangerous hits. Seriously. No sooner did I finish explaining his 20 game suspension in the OHL then he goes and hits a Czech player (who eventually had to be carried off on a stretcher). Ugh. Hopefully the poor Czech is okay!
  • a 7-2 score will greatly help with the goal differential problem (the problem being that Sweden had a better one after they crushed Norway).
  • We’re potentially down three players for tomorrow’s game. Schwartz, de Haan and Kassian are looking to be out. The former two with injuries and Kassian because of that hit.
  • The WJC has provided us with some lovely new nicknames. Aside from Wahh, we also have BlonkBlonk for Louis Leblanc. I’d make a nickname out of “Seemone Doopway” and “Shawn Cootooree-eh” but that doesn’t work so well…… :D

After Canada mercifully finished the game it was time for the real craziness to begin. Habs/Caps, Hammies/Wolves, Volts/Remparts, Juniors/Catasomethings and Sweden/Russia were on tap. Apologies in advance if this is the most confusing and random thing ever.

First period

  • Just like that, the Wolves score and we lose Sanford. Sob.
  • No Newbie. No Avtsin. And speaking of dummies who seriously injure people with dangerous head injuries… Cormier’s up with the Thrashers.
  • Oh Sweden scores. Little Bob not looking happy. Wait… that’s not Little Bob… that’s the other guy…. oh well…. whoever he is, he’s not happy
  • Um Volts? Juniors? Anyone want to score?
  • No? Okay then….
  • Um please dont’ hurt BobbyMayer too. We dont’ have any other goalies.
  • Duuuustiiiiinnnnn Boyyyyydddd! 1-1!
  • Oops. Beagle scored for the Caps. Not sure I can be too pleased with this given how we’re still not overly enamored with the Bears. I really tried to like them. But it just didn’t work out between us. |
  • That would;ve been 2-1 for the Wolves but they highsticked it in…  Phew.
  • Nadeau must be pleased that I’m too busy to really pick on him tonight….lucky guy :P
  • Duuurrrrr that’s 2-1 for the Wolves for real now.  You’re dead to me, Angelo Esposito.
  • Oh and it’s 2-0 for Sweden. Can the Russian’s please score so the Swedes won’t have a great goal differential? Please? Or better yet, can Russia make this fun by winning? PLEASE?
  • Dussssstiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Booooooooooydddddddd! 2-2! Wow! Loving this combo of David and Dustin <3
  • And the Q teams aren’t scoring…
  • Oh Greener…. that was a pretty goal. I mean… booo Greener. Go Habs :| 2-0 Caps.
  • and we’re prematurely ending this first period in Hammieland because there’s something up with the glass. Okay…


  • Annnnd the Hammies are starting the second period by finishing the end of the first period. I
  • And the first period is over for the Hammies. On to the second period! Even though we’re technically in the second period.
  • Me: “Shawinigan just scored.” SoftEuropean: “I’ll allow it if it was Bournival”. Me: “*checks* it was Bournival. I don’t want to allow it. Go Juniors go! Boo Cataractes!”
  • Ughhhhhhhhh Wolves just scored….. 3-2. Hey, Dustin….. you wanna score again? Please?
  • Oh c’mon. Now the Remparts score. This isn’t going my way, is it?
  • Despite my Q teams outshooting their opponents, they’re losing… Hmmph….
  • Man, those Swedish jerseys are BRIGHT. My poor eyes… D:
  • OH. EM. GEE. DUSTIN BOYD AGAIN! Tied gammmmeeeee again! WOW. 3-3.
  • And now they’re back in the box. Bad Hammies!
  • eeekkkkkkkk….. Klubertanz and St. Denis just stopped the puck from going into the back of the net… my nerves…. :|
  • Not going well in Drummondville. Gonna blame this on the fact that the Volts don’t have Sean or Ondrej, 2-0 for the Evil Remparts.
  • Don’t know what the Juniors excuse is. They clearly win without BlonkBlonk. Oh well. 2-0 for Shawinigan too.
  • Sounds like another interesting night in the reffing department in the AHL…. ugh.
  • 3-0 for the Remparts. Time to go get some beer…
  • Oh 3-1 now. Thank you Mathieu!
  • Oh 3-2! Thank you Comtois. See Volts? You can score!
  • and it’s time to take a breather…..!


  • Team Russia needs Avtsin if they want to score on Lehner….
  • Hark! The Juniors dont’ want to get left out either. 2-1! I didn’t know we had Dylan Anderson though?
  • I’m glad I have this Russia/Sweden game to watch. It’s the only game I’m not stressed out about!
  • Capitainnneeee Vachonnnn!!! Tied game in Drummondville 3-3! Wheeeeeeeeeee!
  • Hmmmm either the refs really suck tonight in Hamilton (which is likely) or the Hammies are being dumb and taking dumb penalties (also probable)….. you guys are playing with fiiireeeee…. :(
  • UGH. 4-3 for the Wolves now. Where is Dustin?
  • Um not sure why the Hammies are getting another penalty when it was Gabby who got decked? Hmmm….
  • AH! Hark! A miracle! The Wolves actually got a penalty!
  • And the Hammies can’t count and got a two many men on the ice penalty….
  • and it’s 5-3….
  • In other news.. if fighting was allowed, we’d have more than a few already in this Sweden/Russia game. It’s getting a little chippy.
  • Not sure what’s up with the reffing in this game in Hamilton. Seriously. What a mess.
  • Hey Russian, you’ve got just under 60 seconds to score a goal…..
  • … or you could just get smacked around and lose some teeth….. eww…
  • Gahhhh Boyd was clooosseeee
  • Hammies must be afraid of getting two mins for shooting the puck violently into the net if they score….
  • And Sweden just blanked Russia. Operation “try to figure out how to beat Lehner” is in affect right now.
  • And that is the game in a nutshell people: the puck just bounced off the linesman and into the Hammies’ net. At least that won’t count.
  • In Q news.. .Juniors were looking out of it before they got one back and now it’s 3-2 for Shawinigan and the Volts are still tied.
  • Juniors tied now. Well, well.. this could be interesting!
  • Meh Hammies lose. What a disaster that third period was. Yuck……
  • Oh and the Habs just lost. At least Ovi scored in the empty net?

OT in the Q

  • Hello Michael Roy. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard you call a game! Let’s see what the Volts do
  • WOW. That was quick!!! Volts wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! YAY! Tonight was not totally full of fail!!

Shootout in some random place in the middle of Quebec

  • Well… the Juniors could have won that….
  • ….. but didn’t……
  • Meh. Pooh on you Mr. Tiny.

Well…. at least Canada won? And the Volts! And Sweden. I could still stay up and watch the Canucks/Flyers game… you know… just because i can….. ehehehe :D

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  1. Grrrreg says:

    Ahaha that’s a good recap. That was just as crazy as this post… :)

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