I love early Christmas presents

Since my Christmas break I’ve been busy trying to catch up on what’s turning out to be virtually 3 months of missed hockey. Not an easy task, I assure you. I think I can almost say I’ve watched more hockey in the last week than I have in the last three months. Sad, I know.

ANYWAY…  I’m technically a day late on this but better than than never, huh? For Christmas the Hammies decided to not only win for me, but they won by a resounding score of 5-0. The major points of the game:

  • The Aeros have one of the most annoying PA guys ever. I think he took lessons from the Lake Erie guy on how to pronounce names too. Flandersdude warned us that we’d be in for an interesting night of name pronunciation and he was right…. The only thing that hurt my ears more was the person singing the American national anthem….
  • that “Day-Har-nay” guy had 2 goals and 2 assists :) Oh and he leads the league in points too :)))
  • The Hammies thank the Habs for sending us Dustin Boyd after they stole Patches. He’s scored in every game since being sent down (I’d tell you how many games that is, but I don’t know. He’s got 5 goals if that helps).
  • Hammies had not one, but two shorties.
  • Russell snapped a billion long pointless streak with an assist on David’s (first) shorty goal and then he actually scored later. Talk about a nice present for the Russell fans out there :D
  • If there was something better than David getting a billion more points, Russell snapping a billion long pointless streak, Boyd continuing to score goals or Sanford picking up a shutout (only the poor guy’s second this season, but it’s his second in his last three starts), it was Flandersdude making up his own version of “Twas the night before Christmas”. I’m serious. Re-named “Twas the night before Christmas break” it was the best thing ever :D

I’d continue this but I’m in the midst of watching the Canucks play the Wings. Either nobody wants to win this game or both teams really want to win because they keep trading goals….  Can’t wait for OT when whoever scores will end the game. Assuming someone actually scores…..

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