Thanks for nothing Rouyn-Noranda

Now… I know that it’s not nice to cheer for a team to LOSE. I mean, other than cheering for the Leafs, Marlies, Remparts, any team pro team that has Jamie Benn on it and usually the Sens to lose, it’s generally not nice.

But lately I’ve been cheering Baie-Comeau to lose. Why? Well, the Drakkar were merrily on their way to becoming the most epic failboats in all of QMJHL history. The current honor belongs to a team that Shawinigan had in the 70s with 27 straight losses (in case you’re feeling bad for that team, think that Calgary had a WHL team that lost 30something in a row).

Anyway, the only teams standing in the way of the Drakkar and history were.. Rouyn-Noranda and Val-d’Or. Val-‘d’Or I had some semblance of confidence in to win a game against such an epically awful team… but Rouyn-Noranda was on a mission to be the third most faily team ever. I just needed the Huskies to win ONE game against a team that was still vastly crappier than them. Just ONE game.

Do you think they could do that?


They lost. And they gave up the GWG on with 17 seconds left.

The only way that Rouyn-Noranda can make this up to me now is if they take Baie-Comeau’s place and lose 27 in a row. That’s the only way. Barring that, Rouyn-Noranda will be blacklisted along with all the ex-Volts. Like Hoffman.

Speaking of Hoffman… tomorrow I’ll get a post up about the Hammies/BingySens at The Cave In A Field In The Middle Of Nowhere :) Yes, I trekked out there for what turned out to be a repeat of last year’s game there (ps, the Hammies won that game last year in case you forgot and can’t wait until tomorrow to find out :P)

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2 Responses to Thanks for nothing Rouyn-Noranda

  1. Grrrreg says:

    I’m disgusted. Not only they allowed the game winning goal with 17 seconds left, it was because they took a FREAKING too many men on the ice penalty in the last 2 minutes of the game. Nothing can make up for this. I hope Rouyn lose their next 48 games. And if they do, I’ll just point and laugh. No pity for them, I’ll hate them from now on.

  2. Too many men on the ice? Are you serious? Rouyn-Noranda, you are now officially blacklisted!!!

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