What happens when the Juniors play the Volts

… and I’m there in person to witness the game…?

It was like…

  • Dude, whaddya mean you’re “sold out”? There is NO way you’re sold out. Lemme in! *stamps foot* THANK YOU.
  • Who do I cheer for? Volts or Juniors? Hmmm decisions, decisions…
  • Me: is the Volts coach wearing a sweatervest? I can’t see from this side of the rink. Answer: the short guy could be wearing a sweatervest Me: *squints* HE IS WEARING ONE. YAY.
  • Who do I cheer for though?
  • Dorky’s looking good!
  • Due to either a strange acoustical phenomenon or by virtue of the fact that he’s just got a super loud voice, I can hear Coach Sweatervest yelling from across the rink. Mind you, we could hear Coach yelling from across the rink in The Cave In A Field In the Middle Of Nowhere… (but there were like, 2 people in there that day).
  • The Volts are looking sleepy….
  • Juniors score. YAY. Wait… NOOOOOO. Er YAY? I DUNNO.
  • Um the Juniors are now up 3-0. I’m not pleased. The Volts are playing like a bunch of zombies! WAKE UP. WAKE UP.
  • Okay, Bearoobee. We get it. You’re out-goalie-ing Nadeau. Thanks…..
  • Dorky’stotally a man on a mission today.
  • …and the Volts are on a mission to fail epically.
  • I feel out of the loop. I don’t know who half the guys on the ice are. It’s really sad.
  • Also, I keep forgetting which team Sean’s dad GMs for. Mainly because I get all the eastern cities mixed up. It doesn’t help when Acadie-Bathurst is really in Bathurst and they just randomly added Acadie for the team name.
  • I dont’ think it’s a smart idea to go to a game where both your teams are playing. As much as I’m really happy for the Juniors, I’m grumpy that the Volts are looking like roadkill today.
  • Random observation of the day: the last time I saw the Volts play in Montreal was the beginning of last year. They came in a stomped all over the Juniors. I swear though that the Volts seemed to be on average ten million times taller than the Juniors that time (and it wasn’t just Sean and Eli who was skewering the averages on opposite ends of the measuring tape). This time the Volts don’t look as tall…. Well, of course it still looks hilarious when Sean and Eli are on the ice at the same time….
  • Bearoobee’s shutout just got smashed. YAY. Err I mean… Noooo! I mean… HEY LOOK, PATRICK ROY’S TEAM IS LOSING 6-0. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • At least we can all agree that the Remps losing is a good thing. Bahahaha.

Yeah… And I thought I couldn’t lose regardless of who won. Apparently I also lose too regardless of who loses. Boo :P

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2 Responses to What happens when the Juniors play the Volts

  1. Shan says:

    Hey, pretty girl. I don’t know if you noticed my absence, but I actually forgot about your blog! (I know!) Life has been hectic, I suppose. I was computerless for a while, then got a new one, but didn’t have my bookmarks, hence why I forgot. Anyway, I’m back and look forward to catching up on your posts. The Habs are doing well, which is great, but I feel so bad for Andrei Markov that it’s hard to fully enjoy. I hope I didn’t miss anything major here–speaking of majors, I’ll be at the Hershey Centre tomorrow so I’ll see about getting tickets to a few games. Ciao.

  2. Hey man! Things have been chaotic for me (hence the lack of posts for you to catch up on). I feel so bad for Markov too… he really can’t catch a break with the injuries.

    I hope you managed to get some tickets for the Majors. I’ve been completely out of the loop with the OHL but it sounds like they’ve been doing well!

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