My complicated relationship with the Volts

Thanks Habs for getting Michael Bournival from the Avs thereby prompting me to have to explain my perfectly irrational reason for not liking him. It’s the Volts fault. See:

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3 Responses to My complicated relationship with the Volts

  1. Number31 says:


  2. Grrrreg says:

    Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! You’re crazy. I like how your hate for a player can be retroactive. The poor guy thought he was pleasing you when he pushed the Volts to 7 games, and then BAM!, Coach becomes a good guy and all Bournival’s past efforts are now a reason to dislike him. It’s not easy to please you.

  3. And I didn ‘t even get to add that a guy like Dany Masse got unblacklisted because he ended up playing for the Very Awesome Hammies. His status as a “Evil Volt Who Left Before The Volts Became Un-Evil” doesn’t count because he automatically became awesome because he ended up as an Awesome Hammie. Being an Awesome Hammie trumps whatever your previous status was :)

    As Number31 said.. it’s pure LOLgic :D

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