Dust bunnies have taken over

I know it’s been foreveerrrrr…. In all honesty, I’ve had ZERO time for hockey. I also have no TV which doesn’t help either… D:

But yours truly will sitting through her third hockey game of the season tomorrow when the Hammies come Habsland (like I was really gonna miss that game? C’mooon. I have been following the scores at least. Sheesh).

But anyway.. until they actually play, FIVE RANDOM THINGS

  1. Patrick Roy evidently doesn’t like not being in the news. That’s the only reason why I can understand him ranting about ExCoach. I believe he said something to the effect that ExCoach had set back the Q with his defensive style of play. We’d make a comment about rings and ears except that Wahhh did win the Mem Cup with the Remparts a million years ago….
  2. Fyi, the Bolts are on the top of the league this morning…
  3. You really have to be some kind of masochist to cheer for the Drakkar. I just found out that they’re 1-15-1-3 this season and are looking at losing their 19th game in a row tonight. I like my faily teams, but dude, that’s just a bit too faily even for me. Poor things.
  4. Being out of the hockey loop is simultaneously hilarious and frustrating. Like for example… Kabanov is with the MAINEiacs? Okay, so I’m one of very few people who would actually be perturbed by the prospect of Kabanov playing for Lewiston. Whatever :P
  5. Also not following the OHL means I missed this info on PK’s little brothers. Not to self: do not follow Belleville…. do not follow Belleville…. do not follow Belleville…..
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2 Responses to Dust bunnies have taken over

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Wooo, glad to see you’re back here!

    Not to self: do not follow Belleville…. do not follow Belleville…. do not follow Belleville…..

    Yeah I really wonder how this is gonna end! :p
    Are the Subbans building a SubbanClones factory, just like the Staals??

    And about the Drakkar…. the more they lose, the more I like them. I must be a deranged person!

  2. Yeah, I’ll probably end up keeping tabs on Belleville. Like, tonight they lost 8-0. Ouch :( And if the Subbans are building a SubbanClone factory at least we know that they won’t be creepy like the Staalclones. And they don’t live in Thunder Bay. Not that I have anything against Thunder Bay. It’s just it might as well be called StaalClone Bay in my brain.

    You’re insane if you’re actually liking the Drakkar more and more :P

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