Haaaaaammmmmmmiiiiiiessssss are baaaaack

Sadly I missed most of the game but for the last bit I was basically like:

  • OMG. OMG. OMG.
  • Gabby, Dany and Hoffman (for the BingySens) on the ice. That’s hilarious given that they were all Volts when ExCoach glared at them to win the President’s Cup :D
  • Difficult name of the year: Avtsin *nods*
  • Ew, I don’t know any of these BingySens. Both times we played them last year I was there live so I never had to write down anyone’s names XD;
  • Oh, yeah.. Benoit is a BingySen now. BOOO TO THAT.
  • Newbie/Chalupa/Loosh/Etc scoooooooooores!!! 3-0 Hammies! First time I get to hear Flandersdude calling a goal this season \o/ \o/
  • Ole-ing in Newfoundland. I love it :D
  • Game over already. Silly Newfoundland time :(
  • (I swear somebody just yelled out “Go Leafs” at the people Ole-ing).
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2 Responses to Haaaaaammmmmmmiiiiiiessssss are baaaaack

  1. Grrrreg says:

    There was no pregame show on the radio but only lame music, so I was worried I might be on the wrong place, but in the end I heard the start of the game and Flandersdude’s first goal call of the season, so after that I could happily go to bed.

  2. Those country stations are almost as bad as NRJ… I want to kick a baby goalie every time I hear the music on that station :D

    I might be really jealous that you got to hear the first goal call of the season…… :P

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