Can I get excited about the Hammies pre-season yet?

The Habs just sent 16 players to Hammietown (well, in the figurative sense, I suppose, considering they’re heading out east for their pre-season) so yes, I’m getting excited now that I have an idea of who might be there.

Per Habs Inside/Out here’s who’s going:

Goaltender (1)
Robert Mayer (Bobbbyyy Mayyyyerrrr. Good luck, mister. Sanford’s already injured apparently).

Defensemen (7)
Neil Petruic
Kyle Klubertanz (good luck spelling that on a daily basis. NICKNAME TIME)
Brendon Nash
Frédéric St-Denis
David Urquhart
Sébastien Bisaillon
Marc-Antoine Desnoyers (EX-VOLT. EX-VOLT).

Forwards (8)
Alexander Avtsin (don’t his rights in the Q belong to the Juniors? (because they’re ridiculous like that). I’m assuming there’s a complicated legalish reason why he’s not going there)
James T. Wyman (oh, so it’s “James T. Wyman” now is it? Just like Mr. Benjamin Maxwell is going by “Benjamin Maxwell” instead of “Ben Maxwell”?)
Jimmy Bonneau
Andrew Conboy
Dany Massé
Olivier Fortier
Ian Schultz
Aaron Palushaj (Newbie! Hell yeah, he’s still going to be called Newbie. We’re calling him that until the day he leaves the Habs org. And even after that, we’ll call him Newbie)

Speaking of injured people…. No HunterBishop! because PK hurt him. No Rusty because he’s hurt too. Oh and apparently Patches is hurt as well. I STILL MISS BRRRRROCK TRRRRRRROTTER :(

EDIT: HEY. We’re borrowing Delmas (poor Mooseheads will just have to get beat up by Moose’s team without him). And we’re nabbing Carle, Gabby (GABBY!), Engvist and David.

ALSO: Hey, why have I been assuming that Lars Eller was Swedish when he’s actually Danish? :|

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6 Responses to Can I get excited about the Hammies pre-season yet?

  1. Shan says:

    Because you automatically assume all weird Scandinavian names are Swedish?

    Newbie is not a good name. He’s Palu. Palu-shy.

  2. Nuhuhhhhhhhh! look at Paajarvi-Svensson. Paajarvi’s Finnish. Except he’s actually Swedish because it’s his mom’s family that was originally from Finland…. Okay, that was a bad example……

    Newbie is a good name! Because Newbie was the newbie on the team at some point last year :P :P :P :P

  3. DogsPA says:

    I’m still partial to “Loosh” for Newbie.

  4. Number31 says:

    Palushaj = Chalupas. Just ’cause that was the first thing I thought about when he was traded here.

    Klubertanz = do the Kluber Dance! Though I just call him Clubbertanks.

    Juniors released Avtsin’s rights because they had to for some silly Q-rules reasons.

    I can’t believe Sanford is hurt already x_x

  5. Grrrreg says:

    I’m late on this, but OF COURSE you can get excited about the Hammies! I think they’re gonna have a pretty exciting team this year again. These forwards lines look really good (even without our dear Brrrrrrrrrrock). I’m excited to see what guys like Gabby, Newbie, Avtsin and Engqvist can do on this team…

    And I still like Newbie to be called Newbie, but I love how his great name led to that many cool nicknames!

  6. Loosh and Chalupa are good too! *nods* SO gonna rotate through all of them :P

    Number31 – I’m not exactly crying that Avtsin can’t play for the Juniors :D (I don’t get half these rules regarding European players in the CHL… so bloody complicated).

    Grrrreg – Yeah, I’m really interested to see how they do.

    I’m scared about the goalie situation though…. I missed what happened to Sanford but now we’ve got two goalies who have very limited to no AHL experience………….. *gulp*

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