The Juniors wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

[um this was supposed to post last night. But apparently WP decided to die JUST as I wanted to hit “publish” and then I forgot to actually try to post it again this morning. So umm, just pretend you’re reading this 24 hours ago. Although if you’re curious, the Juniors won again today. They crushed Val-d’Or 6-2. Honestly, I confused by this team. ALSO, the Volts sneaked out a win over the Sea Dogs as they came from behind and won 7-6 in a shootout. Bahahahahahahahahahah]

I’m still shocked/surprised/excited that they actually beat Saint John 4-1 for some reason (even though the Sea Dogs apparently are 0-4 at Montreal? I’m confused by this stat? XD).

Granted the Sea Dogs looked like they still had their sea legs (hell yes, I couldn’t help but use that pun!) but whatever, this wasn’t the faily Junior team I saw two weeks ago. You know, the one with the itty bitty BabyBenchWarmer who played like he was half his size? The team that couldn’t win a face-off to save their lives. The team that failed in epic proportions to complete a half decent pass. THAT team wasn’t here tonight (my theory is because they weren’t intimidated by the Media Circus because said circus was at the Bell Centre). It was pretty awesome.

In a nutshell:

  • David Rose got the party started when he scored a nifty goal on Moose. Who’s Moose? Moose is St-Laurent, the Sea Dog’s goalie. Why? Because someone told me “he’s the size of a mack truck next to the BabyBenchWarmer. I mean, he’s like a moose!”
  • Parkes added a pretty shorty later on. Maybe it was just me, but it totally felt like he was on the world’s slowest breakaway before he scored. But I digress.
  • At some point czechtacular and I found out that the Sea Dogs had a guy named Sock on their team. Yes, Sock. Tyrone Sock. As czechtacular said “that must suck. For Sock.” Poor Sock. Which I just spelled as Sox. Oh boy….
  • A minor pileup/fail/flail moment resulted in a very late Sea Dogs goal. Only took them 19 minutes (or 58 as I tweeted by accident. Hey, in my defense, I had been sitting there for 58 minutes!).
  • Honestly the only reason why the Juniors weren’t scoring on all the Sea Dogs epic fail moments on defense was because Moose was being the hero. Stupid Moose. I’m pretty sure they had to review two goals that wound up not being goals thanks to stupid Moose.
  • Is it evident yet that I kinda like saying the word “moose”?
  • Laflamme scored what I think is his first ever Q goal when Moose got caught leaving a huge gaping net open for someone to shoot at.
  • I wish I could remember how Fontaine scored the fourth goal – and I mean, hey, it was practically in front of me too – but I can’t remember. Pretty sure it was pretty nice though. All of the Juniors had pretty goals :D no garbage goals tonight. Nuhuh….!!
  • Galiev happens to be the only Sea Dog I know of. Other than Piche. He fails at penalty shots. Which is a good thing if you’re the BabyBenchWarmer and a Juniors fan who is praying that the Sea Dogs don’t mount some kind of stupid comeback.
  • The Q site had a poll (which they must have forgotten to close) that said: who will be the first team to lose, Drummondville or Saint John? By the time I checked this, the Juniors were three minutes away from winning 4-1 and the Volts were up at least 5-1 over Team Evil aka Team Benoit Groulx aka Gatineau. ¬†Naturally I couldn’t resist the urge to answer the poll even though the answer was quite evident by this point :D

Faily pictures courtesy of a failphone might come tomorrow morning if I can get them off the failphone and onto the comp.

If I may be allowed to digress completely for a moment… I’m baffled by the Remparts and their 34 goals in 5 games stat. They’ve already had two games where they’ve scored 12 goals o_O

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2 Responses to The Juniors wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  1. Grrrreg says:

    \o/ Yes, I want pictures!

  2. That’s the best I got unfortunately. Failphone really doesn’t like taking pictures XD;

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