Juniors vs Catawhatevers: HOCKEY SEASON IS HEREEEEEEE


Okay, really.. why is BlurryLouis BALD?

The Juniors kicked off their season opener at home tonight and at 11:00 last night I decided I wanted to be there despite the inevitable exhaustion of shipping back for the weekend and the requisite studying (school was invented purely to spite hockey fans, I swear).

ANYWAY. Juniors. Hockey. I loved it. Technically this is only my second season following the Q so it was super awesome to come back to the team this year and be all like “HEY I WAS HERE BEFORE LOUIS LEBLANC WAS. UNLIKE 75% OF THE REST OF YOU.” Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah. I might have squeaked a bit when I got to see the guys from last year coming back (two for the wrong flipping team). \o/

As for the game… WELL… the first two periods were.. interesting to say the least. With Bearoobee off in LA, it was up to the BabyBenchWarmer and some other guy to hold down the fort (I swear I will call him that even if he gets a starting job in the NHL). Oh and did I mention the media circus had come to town? Did I? BlurryLouis left school and brought the circus to town. Ick.

Back to the BabyBenchWarmer. Poor thing. He had a rough tonight. If ugly rebounds were being turned into goals, then his defense was bailing on him and the puck wound up in the back of the net. And to cap his night off… he got smacked around and ended on his back some point in the first period. If you thought Mr. Tiny aka Gabriel Girard was getting it easy.. rest assured… he wounded up UNDERNEATH the net some point after the BabyBenchWarmer was smacked around. Not a good night to be a goalie.

Actually, it got worse. The two teams combined for six goals in the second period. Yeah. After the Juniors got the first goal way back in the first period, they then proceeded to fall asleep at the wheel and allow 5 goals (two in the first, three in the second). Yes, I said THEY because I counted at least two in which the defense coughed up the puck and left the little BabyBenchWarmer alone. ANYWAY… after thinking that the beer that they were selling might be REALLY good right about now, the Juniors decide to mount a comeback. Guys who I didn’t notice on my program (Aquin and Meilleur) suddenly starting scoring goals. All thoughts of chugging beer suddenly disappeared.

The comeback was cut sort at 5-4 though. Despite some really wicked efforts, they couldn’t put the last one past Mr. Tiny (I’ll be honest. I was entertained watching him get madder and madder as the Juniors started scoring goals). Poop. Still loved the game though. Lots of fun :)) SO great to see some hockey again.

Random notes:

  • When did Little Xavi become “Freaking Huge Xavi”? Damn these kids and their random growth spurts over the summer. Sheesh. He’s like a freaking giant now. “Freaking Huge Xavi” takes too long to type, so he’s just Little Xavi. Sorta like Little John wasn’t little. Little Xavi ain’t little anymore.
  • And I swear the BabyBenchWarmer has gotten taller too. He still plays really small though. And I’m totally sending him for some remedial puck rebound lessons *nods*
  • Captain Nic had his requisite trip to the penalty box. Tonight he had company from Dorky. Dorky… you’re not Gabby. Stop this bad habit right now, mister.
  • Speaking of Dorky… okay, so, BlurryLouis gets SMACKED because he’s BlurryLouis and everyone wants to squash him like a bug, and who comes to his rescue? Dorky! Super Dorky to the rescue!
  • All this time I assumed that Charles-Olivier Roussel was from either Rouyn-Noranda or Mooski.  The truth is really that Charles-Olivier Roussel played for SHAWINIGAN. Oops.
  • I don’t like seeing Dillon Donnelly aka our former baby enforcer – as a Catawhatever :(
  • I’m interested to see the team when Bearoobee, Landry aka another ex-Volt and Aubry are back from camp.
  • Sean might be getting lonely all by himself in Voltsland. He was certainly alone in scoring goals. He got the only one for the Volts before they went to a shootout, where he scored again, and two other Volts scored and then their one. Nyah, nyah, Clermont.
  • Back to the Juniors… I was kinda disappointed Dominik Schlumpf  wasn’t there for the Catawhatsits because I like randomly calling him Schtroumpf instead.

I’m sure I’m missing something but I’m exhausted now so it’s time to zZzZzZzZzZzZz…..

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6 Responses to Juniors vs Catawhatevers: HOCKEY SEASON IS HEREEEEEEE

  1. Grrrreg says:


    I’m glad you enjoyed the game, in spite of the result. Hopefully some of the new fans attracted by BlurryLouis will remain in the future for the team itself!

  2. Yeah! But they better not come in droves too much or else I’ll have a hard time getting tickets. And the last thing I need is difficulty getting tickets for my Juniors *nods*

  3. Grrrreg says:

    They should do a promotion like “prove you were there before BlurryLouis” and you automatically get cheaper tickets. :p

  4. Number31 says:

    Does Derek Wills want to do play-by-play for the Juniors because I can’t understand Elliott Price’s pirate growl anymore.

  5. Ask him! :D I haven’t heard Elliott Price this year. I alternate between being really annoyed with him and loving him for the random stuff that he comes up with. Best moment ever:

    Guy Who’s Name I forgot: Who’s going to get the OT winner for the Juniors?
    Elliott: I’m going to go with Parkes.
    GWNIF: Okay. We should pick a guy for the Olympiques.
    Elliott: No.
    GWNIF: Why not?
    Elliott: because they aren’t going to score.
    GWNIF: wow. how can you spell homer?
    Elliot: P-a-r-k-e-s.

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