Coach Sweatervest has apparently lost his sweatervest…

AND he seems to have raided ExCoach’s wardrobe (and gone to the same hair-cutting-person). AND what’s with the ExCoach like expression?!

Pic from Czechtacular alerted me to this travesty.

Mario… seriously…. you’re not ExCoach. Now go find your sweatervest!

EDIT: Here’s a sweater vest for you! Comes in Volts colours too.

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4 Responses to Coach Sweatervest has apparently lost his sweatervest…

  1. Number31 says:

    Grey suit, grey tie, black shirt…what, is he going to a funeral?!

    So not only was he the ideal candidate to replace Coach (and the only Q coach I was thinking the Habs should look in to for the Bulldogs), but he’s slowly turning into him… Next he’ll mysteriously get a scar in the shape of an X (to one-up the V-scar) on his face.


  2. Hahahahahaha! Yeah, all he needs is a mysterious scar and he’s all set!

    Although I think he needs to work on the colour-scheme there. You’re right, it does look like he’s going to a funeral :|

  3. Shan says:

    wearrrr the sweettttrrrrrvveessssttttttt

    I think this is all because sweatervest is fun to say.

  4. Oh totally! Also, Mario really does look good in sweatervests. Wouldn’t be the same if say… Gizmo ended up in a sweatervest… o.<

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