5 random thoughts

Yes, I am alive (and you thought you were going to be able to escape some total randomness this year. HAH). With the Q season starting next week (yes, people, NEXT WEEK)… it’s high time we get to some random thoughts!

  1. I was on the fence about following the circus act that’s becoming the Montreal Juniors, but I’m getting a bit excited about them. BlurryLouis notwithstanding, they have a pretty solid looking lineup (someone needs to remind me that they have Charles-Olivier Roussel because I keep forgetting that they got him out of… was it Mooski? Or Rouyn-Noranda? 2 and a half years in and I still confuse the two). I hope the BabyBenchWarmer spent his summer eating marshmallows. He needed to fill out a bit so he’ll take up more room in the net *nods* (yes, I did fabricate that whole sentence so I could say “BabyBenchWarmer”).

    If I’m allowed one complaint….. can the Juniors PLEASE stop putting annoying popup things on their site? It drives me insaaaneee and my failboat internet connection doesn’t appreciate it :|

  2. Can I still be concerned about the Hammies goalie situation? Unless they grab Ram(b)o from the block of ice he’s probably frozen in and defrost him in time for the season… I’m a bit nervous. Sanford-Who-I-Still-Can’t-Get-A-Nickname-To-Stick-To is still injury prone and Bobby Mayer is a newbie at the AHL level. Yeah, yeah, I know there’s a first time for everything, but I’m concerned about throwing him into the fire for an extended period of time if Sanford gets injured. Speaking of that scenario… if Sanford gets injured and Bobby Mayer is forced into the starting role… who backs him up………? (this is assuming that Ram(b)o is still frozen in a block of ice in Russia).
  3. Wheeling Nailers doesn’t have the same ring to it as Cincinnati Cyclones. Speaking of which… do we actually have anyone playing in Wheeling?
  4. I detest American (Canadian) football. What does this have to do with hockey? Nothing. And that’s the point. Everything about American (Canadian) football is unlike hockey. Minus the bit where you get the roundish object to the other end of the playing area. Oh and the fans are perpetually drunk. But most sports have perpetually drunk fans, right?  Right. Gah. American (Canadian) football is officially BLACKLISTED.
  5. Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Novak looks like puke in this:

    pic from the US Open site

Whoever is in charge of his clothes, needs to be smacked upside the head. Repeatedly.

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6 Responses to 5 random thoughts

  1. Number31 says:

    – I’m thinking Pascal Vincent is slightly delusional if he thinks he’s getting a Memorial Cup with Berube still on the team past their own trade deadline. Not hating, just stating…
    – Two guys (Delmas and Champagne) will fight it out on try-outs for a position either leapfrogging Mayer (doubt that would happen) or going to Wheeling. Or if Simila has an epiphany!
    – Whoever’s out of school and has no room on the Bulldogs? And a goalie. Thomas Beauregard was there last season apparently!
    – American football is dull. But Troy Polamalu’s hair is mesmerizing *_*
    – Someone should tell Novak that he should put the tennis ball…elsewhere… It’s disturbing…

    • Justin says:

      – I’ll never completely grasp how ECHL affiliation works. As far as I knew, the Penguins had control of most of Wheeling’s roster.

      – Polamalu’s hair is mesmerizing.

      • I think the Pens would only be able to control the players on the team that are in their organization. It’s like when the Habs and Preds shared the Cycs. The Habs had no control over the players in the Cycs organization (I dunno who made the decision to hire Chuck and Co). I doubt the Habs will have a ton of guys in Wheeling. We only had two and a half in Cincy.

        Okay, I have NOT see this Polamalu guy. Now I’m curious :P

  2. – Oh I agree completely. I kinda laughed when I read him saying that. If they win the Mem Cup, I’ll cheer for the Leafs for a month.
    – Oh yeahhhhhhh… I knew I was forgetting someone! they didn’t sign Delmas or Champagne did they? I knew Delmas got an invite and I seemed to have missed everything about Champagne.. but I didn’t think they were signed? I guess someone is getting a job at the end of camp.
    – Hoping to see more than two and a half guys in Wheeling *nods*
    – I’ve really come to the conclusion that American (Canadian) football is evil.
    – LMFAO.

    • Number31 says:

      Neither has a contract yet. I’m just guessing one of them will get one out of camp. Maybe. Or later in the year. Maybe.

  3. I hope so! If only because the goalie situation is looking…. sad…. and I’d like a goalie in the Q (as opposed to the OHL) so I can have another excuse to follow the Q instead of the OHL! :D

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