Today’s chapter in “The Saga of How the Bolts Steal Everything and Everyone Connected to Montreal”…..

Okay so it’s not stealing if it’s a trade… but still…. ENOUGH WITH THE BEACH ALREADY.

The Habs traded Desjardins (!) for Ramo (just spelled that accidentally as “Rambo”…..)

I actually laughed. This is getting to the point where all I can do is laugh. Actually, that’s probably the exhaustion of driving to a field in the middle of nowhere coming through (no, not THAT field. Another one that makes The Cave look like it’s in the middle of a busy metropolis).

Well… let’s see if they can actually get Ramo (seriously, he needs to change his name or risk getting called Rambo all the time) out of Omsk first before I start going “HAHAHAHA we have a FINNISH goalie. BAHAHAHAHA….. wait… bring back my goalie!!!”.

ACTUALLY. I actually consider the (apparently, according to a tweet from the GoalieGuild) news that Peter Delmas (you might remember him as a Moosehead from last year. Maybe? Yes? No?) got invited to the Habs camp to be bigger news (although, I thought he was a baby Av? Did they dump him like we cruelly dumped Mishy?). Simply because it means (er meant) that we are (err could be) getting another goalie. Just… don’t look at number of wins that the Mooseheads (did not) have.

YAY for total exhaustion! *scampers off to rot brain in front of the TV*

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6 Responses to Today’s chapter in “The Saga of How the Bolts Steal Everything and Everyone Connected to Montreal”…..

  1. Number31 says:

    The Avs cut Delmas because of his injury-crap Halifax sucking season. Then again, THEY HAVE BABY PICKARD (*sniff*) so they don’t really need him… I don’t know where the Habs would put him if they do sign him though. Back in the Q! Mooseheads might even trade him. Maybe they can swap Berube for him lol.

    Need: One ECHL team. Applicants call the Montreal Canadiens. We’ll supply the goalies!

    Call Ramo “Rambo”. I think he got suspended once for being in a brawl anyway.

  2. Grrrreg says:

    What??? Cedrick went to Tampa bay too??? :|
    I don’t know anything about Ram(b)o, so I don’t really know if that was an ok trade or not, but if he’s in the KHL for 2009/10 then I guess Mayer will play in Hamilton after all. So we might not really need an ECHL affiliate right now, since we would have nobody to send there (unless we sign that Moose at training camp).

  3. Number31 – Ahhh yeah, I saw the article in the Halifax news online after. What we don’t need: an injury-prone goalie (Sanford notwithstanding) :(

    Grrreg – I guess we can call off the search for an ECHL team then…. :| I think even if they sign Delmas, he’ll be back in the Q anyway =/

  4. Number31 says:

    If Ram(b)o does find his way here somehow, I really hope he changes that brain mask of his. IT’S GROSS!

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