Music to go insane by….

Someone please shoot me because this is now stuck in my head…….

*covers ears and runs screaming from the room*

(while we’re on the subject of insanity, I might be thinking of picking up a WHL team…. :D)

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3 Responses to Music to go insane by….

  1. Grrrreg says:

    ahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry. :)

    And about the WHL, I don’t want to encourage you, but if you gotta pick a team, let’s see… *checks the WHL website*
    Ok, based purely on logos and uniforms (always the best way to pick a team when you don’t know anything about a league), I have to say I really like the Edmonton Oil Kings (and apparently they’re pretty bad, which makes them even more likeable). The Spokane Chiefs (dressed as our habs) and the Kelowna Rockets and their ridiculous Dragon logo are good too (and they get extra points for being the former team of Gorges.)

  2. Number31 says:

    I’m kind of partial to the Calgary Hitmen for having what looks like Casey Jones on their logo.

    Best. Song. Ever.

  3. That song has been running through my head ALL DAY. If this keeps up I might become desensitized to it and it’ll probably end up as my ringtone one day o_<

    The Habs have a prospect with the Vancouver Giants but I'm not sure I want to pick them…. I remember Kelowna from the Mem Cup two years ago. Their logo is so ridiculous it might be almost cool xD The Oil Kings have two things going for them 1) they wear red (!!!!) and 2) like you said, they're faily. I'm on the fence with the Hitmen, but I could persuaded to like them.

    Decisions, decisions….. :D

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