Today in Depressing News: Byebye Cycs

The Habs got dumped by the Cycs. Or as they put it the presser “The Cyclones and Montreal Canadiens have mutually agreed that it was best not to continue their affiliation.” I didn’t mutually agree to anything. Not that anyone was counting my vote… but still… I didn’t agree to let the Cycs become bffs with the Panthers. I know we had one and a half guys there last year… but still…..!!!!

I blame Chuck. He skips off to Amerksville and the next thing we hear, the Cycs and Panthers are now bffs. I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi Habs *nods*

Bah. I just hope Bobby Mayer doesn’t go off to some pukey team. Or back to Europe. Although speaking of puking and Europe… No, Pukey’s not going to Europe… Apparently Salak’s gone to Sweden! Without him, beating the Amerks will be just a little less sweet. But only a little. This is still war, Chuck.

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3 Responses to Today in Depressing News: Byebye Cycs

  1. Number31 says:

    It’s like a part of our team’s family is now suddenly gone…

  2. I know! :((( it’s like when your adorable little sibling grows up and gets a dummy for a boyfriend and they run off together and you never see them again…..

  3. Shan says:

    Did that happen to you?! (the sibling thing)

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