Will there EVER be any good news to report?

I’m thinking not.

Here’s the latest round of crappy news:

  • Glu is heading to Germany while Brrrock is off to Russia. Oh and Metro is going back to Switzerland to play for some team called who’s name looks like it rhymes with “ugh”. Or something like that.
  • Chuck is the Amerks new coach.
  • The Amerks are now affiliated with the Cycs and the Cycs seemed to have dumped the Habs from their website. Considering the Habs really only had one and a half players in the ECHL (sorry, Bobby Mayer, you still get to be “the half”) for most of the year anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter THAT  much………. but still. We got dumped for the AMERKS? I swear the Suburb of Florida* is out to ruin my life.
  • BlurryLouis is coming to play for my Juniors which will undoubtedly make them more popular, which takes out all the fun in me liking them. Yeah, I’m one of those people who likes to follow teams that 90% of the population has no clue about. I think it’s time I renewed my interest in the Swiss NLA.
  • As mentioned before, Coach is stealing all his former players. While we wish Mr. Capitaine the best of luck, we don’t appreciate the mental image of him wearing a flipping lighting bolt on his jersey.

Stupid ridiculous off-season =/

* we are henceforth referring to Florida as “the Suburb of Florida” as it virtually becomes a suburb of Quebec for two weeks in December anyway.

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5 Responses to Will there EVER be any good news to report?

  1. Number31 says:

    Zug is the name of the town! It’s purdy…
    Who’s Mr. Capitaine?

    Hey, at least we still got Henry to glare at evil players that try to kill our guys.

  2. Shan says:

    I don’t understand any of this! You need to draw a diagram for me!

  3. Grrrreg says:

    That off season IS annoying. In a very different way than last year’s offseason, but still.

    On a more positive note, yesterday I watched a video interview of the Randies on the Hammies website. Flandersdude has not changed. He managed to speak about his ringtone while asking questions to Randy1 (Cunneyworth). :)

  4. Number31 says:

    Oh right, Vachon? I forgot about him. I didn’t realize he was so short. So long as ExCoach stays away from Masse, Dumont, and Lefebvre…. Hissssss…

  5. Number31 – I hope Zug looks prettier than the name of the place sounds :D And yeah, Mr. Capitaine is quite short. It was rather surprised to see that when I saw him play for the first time. It was like “okay, where’s their captain? *looks* …. *looks*….. oh the shorty hiding out over there!”. ExCoach… good new name for Coach :D

    Shan – Just remember this: Tampa Bay is evil and everyone not going to The Beach is running away to Europe.

    Grrreg – At least SOMEONE is staying put (*glares at the Sabres just in case*)

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