In which we discover that the world needs a Coach action figure

A conversation I had with the wonderful czechtacular of Hab It Her Way after the news broke that Coach is back to his old “let’s steal players from my old team” habits.

czechtacular: i don’t blame coach for stealing capitaine bb [Marc-Olivier Vachon aka Mr. Capitaine] someone was bound to eventually and there are worse teams in my mind :)))

Me: Yeah, that’s true.. I would DIE if Dallas picked up Mr. Capitaine ’cause that’d put him in the same organization as Jamie Benn.

czechtacular: omg gross :|Jamie benn is pretty much the reason i fastforwarded through rockets-voltigeurs [from the 2009 Memorial Cup]. i’d forgotten about his 4 goals >:(

Me: Oh GROSS. I don’t remember that game. I don’t remember anything about that Mem Cup actually. Good thing, I guess .:D Actually wait… I remember that one ’cause it was the first time I actually saw what Coach looked like and I was like “So THAT is the guy who’s been ruining the life of my QMJHL team. RAR.”

czechtacular: i like when he goes into possessed mode. they should make a coach action figure

Me: YES. I want a Coach action figure. I want :D

czechtacular: it would be like those squishy ones where the eyes bulge HAHAHAHA

Me: LOL and it would HAVE to squeak out “think about your mistakes!!!!!” somehow.

czechtacular: !!! a pullstring like woody from toy story :))) he’d also have “post game press conference mode” but the string’d have to be real long

Me: I don’t if there’s a string long enough for the post-game presser mode though LOLOLOL

czechtacular: it goes out the door and into 5 neighbours’ lawns… “what is this?” -pulls- “oh noooo you started it!”

Me: LMFAO the mental image is just too hilarious. My neighbors would be like “oh crap, not again *covers ears*”


I think there were some threats of making a Jeff Vinik voodoo doll (’cause he hired Yzerman who hired Coach who’s now stealing everyone) and I think we also agreed that Tampa needs to be incorporated into Canada somehow.

Who said summer was boring?

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6 Responses to In which we discover that the world needs a Coach action figure

  1. Number31 says:

    Apparently Florida is a suburb of Quebec anyway.

  2. Shan says:

    You sound way girlier in your conversation.

  3. Number31 – I want to become mayor of the Suburb of Florida :D

    Shan – Ouch :(

  4. Shan says:

    That wasn’t an insult!

  5. Shan says:

    I’m sorry.

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