Oh yeah… there was a draft XD

Random stuff here because I really can’t come up with something more serious:

Habs picks…

I totally called the Habs to pick up Tinordi. Actually, I randomly picked him out of the list of top 100 prospects. Meh, I didn’t bother doing homework and he was projected to go in the 20s so I picked him. I win. Not.

I’ve NEVER heard of the Mark McMillan before. you’ll have to do your own research on him :D

I know OF Morgan Ellis but I never pay attention to the Cape Breton whatsits. And trust me, I’m not about to start following them now.

All I know about Brenden Gallagher is that plays in the WHL and I definitely do NOT want to check out the Vancouver Giants in case I feel like following them =p

And….. there’s John/Jens Westin. He plays in Sweden and he’s not a goalie. I’m going to call him “John/Jens Not-A-Goalie Westin” from now on.

How the draft helps EP axe teams from her list of teams needing to be axed.

Mark Visentin is a Yote. Freddie Hamilton’s a Shark…Ryan Spooner is a Booin. Austin Watson is a Pred. With Simila back in Finland and the Habs giving up on Mishy, I think the decision to dump my poor OHL teams isn’t a bad one…

In better news though…

Aubry went to the Wings. Before you start ragging on the Wings… remember: it could’ve been the Leafs or the Booins or… the Sens. YUCK.

Freddie Hamilton is a Shark. Could be worse, I guess.

Alex Friesen (IceDog) is a Canuck….

People we feel bad for:

Cam Fowler. He almost became this year’s Angelo Esposito.

People we dont’ feel bad for:

Kiril Kabanov. Not surprised at all that he only went in the third round.

The best name goes to…….

I really wanted to say that Nino Niederreitter had the best name. But then Nick Bjugstad and Beau Bennett (I mean, really… BEAU?) got drafted. I can’t pick xD I’m open to suggestions.

The Caps keep stocking up on Russians…

Of course the Caps drafted a Russian in the first round. I’m DYING to see how many times Evgeny Kuznetsov’s name is butchered. Also… I need to stop spelling it “Kuznetsova”….

Also.. they just picked up Galiev. You remember him as one of the Sea Dogs that probably ruined one of my teams’ lives at some point.

The fate of some of the goalies EP encountered last season…

  • As you know.. Mark is a YOTE….
  • Jack Campbell (boooooo Mr. American goalie who ruined my life for about half an hour at the WC) is a Star..
  • Mathieu Carbeil-Theriault of the Halifax Mooseheadthings is a Blue Jacket
  • Grubauer the Evil Spit is a…. Cap….
  • Louis Domingue who finished last year as a REMPART is a YOTE.
  • Petr Mrazek (you remember him as the backup goalie obscuring my view at the 67s/Frontenacs game) is a Wing.
  • Clermont the dude in this picture –  is a Devil.
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5 Responses to Oh yeah… there was a draft XD

  1. Number31 says:

    STOOPID AVS STOLE MY BABY PICKARD! BOOOOOO! He should have gone in the first round but Carbo probably ruined that from the horrid U18 he coached (I warned people, but no one listens to me). A great goalie like his brother playing for a crappy team…at least someone was smart enough to make him a finalist for WHL goalie of the year… Should have been the guy at the WJC instead of Jake Allen but whatevs (again, no one listens to me).

    As for our guys:
    TALLnordi: Basically Mike Komisarek with hockey skills.
    MacMillan: Tall and skinny, needs to eat some more meat.
    Ellis: Wants to be Brent Seabrook but doesn’t have Seebs’ perfect hair yet.
    Gallagher: Scores a lot of goals and punches people in the face, also is 5’9″ but will still punch people in the face even though he can’t reach them.
    Westin: is Swedish and wasn’t taken by the Wings.

  2. Grrrreg says:

    MacMillan and Gallagher sound like English footballers names.

  3. Everyone is stealing our goalies!!! :((((( Boooo….. I can’t believe Mark got picked before him though. I thought for sure Pickard would be the second goalie picked. Oh well…There’s something nicer about being picked by the Avs than the Yotes (sorry, Yotes. I really, really tried to like you guys).

    Nice break down of the picks :D

    And yes, MacMillan and Gallagher sound like they should be on an English football team ;p And somehow “Westin” doesn’t sound overly Swedish to me, but I always seem surprised that Swedish names don’t sound more like Finnish names (I know, I know… Finnish isn’t a even close to being a Scandinavian language).

  4. Number31 says:

    About as Swedish as Douglas Murray? XD


    That is not Swedish AT ALL.

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