We…. kinda…. need…. a goalie… or two…

And while we’re talking about stuff we need, I wouldn’t mind having a COACH too… and I’d also like a Scott Gomez-like contract (for myself)…..but whatever….. back to the goalies…. If this handy list that I just lost the link to, is right here’s the options for UFA goalies:

Marty Turco – and you thought Jaro wandered around…
Nabby – No.
Jose Theodore – He had his turn here.
Failboat Vesa – Just for the comedy, I’d say go for it. I NEED COMEDY.
Chris Mason – He’s getting a little old…. no?
Dan Ellis – I love his tweets. Can we hire him to be the official twitter-er for the Habs?
Ray Emery – Hahahaha….
Squeaky Marty – HELL. NO.
Johan Hedberg – No.
Patrick Lalime – errrr……
Johan Backlund – No. Trust me….
Stephen Valiquette – I think not…
JoeyMac – So he can kick my Hammies around some more?!
Wade Dubielesomethingrather – Nope. I need a guy who’s name I can spell. I can’t spell his.
Niittyymaakkiiii – pffttt. See also “Wade Dubielesomethingrather”.
Dany Sabourin – No.
Curtis Sanford – WHY IS HE A UFA? :| :| :| :|
Matt Climie – I had no idea HE was a UFA.. Hmm… Wait, what am I saying? NOOOOOO TO MATT CLIMIE.
Mike Brodeur – I bet his salary would be a lot better than the other Brodeur’s….
Alex Auld – Erm no thank you.
Sebastien Caron – who is this guy again? :|
Yann Danis – Mehhh…
Manny Legace – No.
Andrew Raycroft – LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…..
Michael Leighton – You sign him and I’m becoming a Leafs fan.

I SUPPOSE one could always enlist a certain other goalie down on the farm but then exactly who would we end up with down on the farm???

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3 Responses to We…. kinda…. need…. a goalie… or two…

  1. Shan says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they signed Niitty. They just need someone who can be there in a supporting role.

    LOL I like how you don’t like any of them. So hard to please EP…

  2. I still think they’ll sign Squeaky Marty…. :(

    And yes, I’m picky :|

  3. Grrrreg says:

    I’m praying they stay away from Biron. They need smeone cheap now that they are paying Pleky 5 millions turtlenecks a year!

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