Hahaha I mention the World Cup and everyone disappears

It could be worse. I could be blogging about baseball.. or… the Leafs :D

My poor hockeybrain just can’t adjust so far to this football thing.

For example:

  • Whyyyy does it take so long to get from one end to the other? And when they DO get to the other end, the ball just gets kicked out to the other side. They need icing.
  • When the net is the size of a truck how can you miss that often? Sheesh.
  • Since when is 16-11 shots ¬†considered a lot of shots? Coach would never approve.
  • “SHOOT THE DAMN PUCK” is really having no affect whatsoever…. stop running around kicking it in random places. SHOOT THE PUCK. OR KICK THE BALL. OR WHATEVER YOU DO.
  • Now THAT is diving….!!!
  • When you have BOARDS the puck rarely leaves the designated area…..
  • Omg… where are those TV commercials?!!!! How can I run off and do random things if there’s no commercials?
  • They have a weird definition of offside.
  • What, no “ref you suck” chants?
  • Those vuvuzela things are annoying. I want singing instead. (although, I wouldn’t mind bringing a pile to Sensland one time. Can you imagine how angry that’d make the Sens fans?!)

My brain will get this sooner or later. It’s completely forgotten that the Hawks won the Stanley Cup already so… :D

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5 Responses to Hahaha I mention the World Cup and everyone disappears

  1. Grrrreg says:

    – “Refs you suck” is considered way too tamee to be sung at a football game. Songs are usually WAY more offensive! :)

    – The fact that thre is no commercial breaks is like a little challenge for the viewers. You have to be clever enough to pick the right time to leave the room to get a snack without missing the only goal of the game!

    – Coach would get crazy with a bunch of footballers. He’d be like “what do you mean you couldn’t score with a 20 minutes PP???”, “Why is no one bodychecking the forwards in front of the net???”, “Why can’t I pull my goalie for an extra attacker???”

  2. – Point taken. But still…. There wasn’t a whole lot of singing either. Just the buzzing. Which I guess you can interpret in different ways… xD;

    – Yes…. Haven’t learned that yet…. *pouts*

    – HAHAHAHAHA. I can actually picture that…. “THINK ABOUT YOUR MISTAKES!”

  3. Dave says:

    “It could be worse. I could be blogging about baseball”

    GASP! “worse” and “baseball” do NOT belong in the same sentence! Oh. Wait. They were in different sentences. But still…

  4. Hahah I haven’t got anything against the sport! but you don’t want me blogging about baseball ’cause I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about! xDDD

    • Dave says:

      Hey, you learned about hockey pretty quickly! We’ll have you rooting for the Nationals and opining on how Strasburg is the greatest pitcher since Sandy Koufax in no time at all!

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