So Hossa and I have something in common apparently….

2008 – As an ignorant newbie to the NHL hockey, I wound up cheering for the Penguins in the Stanley Cup finals. Yeah. Really… Still dying of embarrassment :|

2009 – After realizing that the Penguins are EVIL and that I was really a Habs/Caps fan and not a Habs/Pens fan, I had no choice but to cheer for the Wings in the finals. Ending up on the losing side again really sucked…..

2010 – I was really hoping the Caps (or the Habs!) would end up in the finals so I wouldn’t have to cheer for the Hawks. Of course the Flyers messed that up so.. here we were again. Another Stanley Cup final. And I was stuck cheering for a team with Hossa on it. And I can just say…FINALLY A TEAM THAT I ACTUALLY WANTED TO WIN ACTUALLY WON. THIS IS SO HILARIOUS. Me and Hossa can finally celebrate :D

Couple of things:

  • Most. Anti-climatic GWG goal by Peach Fuzz  in OT ever. Everyone was like “where’s the puck? It’s in? They won? Wut? Huh? Kane’s celebrating so I guess it’s a goal……..? Can we get a replay on that?” L-a-m-e.  Not that I’m defending Puffy here – ’cause really, I’m not – but people can talk all they want about Peach Fuzz’s goal being similar to Puffy’s but at least we knew that Puffy had scored =p
  • Speaking of Puffy… How about a little love for Captain Peachy now, huh? He has a WJC, WC, Olympic gold, Conn Smythe thing and a Stanley Cup. At 22. And he did have a goal in the gold medal game :|
  • Can I applaud the Flyers fans for booing Bettman really loudly?
  • Damnit, I might be feeling bad for Mike Richards… he was pretty much on the verge of tears during that interview. Ack, I’m not going to turn this into the Rafa/Roger Wimby08 final where I wound up liking Roger ’cause he looked really sad after he lost. WILL. NOT. DO. IT.
  • Congrats Leafs, you now have the longest Stanley Cup drought. I have no words for this :))))))
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One Response to So Hossa and I have something in common apparently….

  1. Shan says:

    I kinda liked the anticlimactic goal. It was like time stood still for a second. Kane was the first person on Earth to know they won the Cup. Antti Niemi didn’t even react, so he didn’t do the whole goalie-throws-away-half-his-equipment-in-celebration thing. But I think the Flyers deserved to win the game considering how they played through the 3rd… Leighton really should’ve had that. I didn’t care who won, I kinda wanted to see it go to game 7 though.

    I’m sure that cab driver is licking his wounds now.

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