Thank goodness we have the World Cup

Am I ever thankful that the World Cup is starting Friday. Being a Canadian who generally doesn’t care about football/soccer is fantastic because our country never gets in and therefore there’s soooooo much less angst (hello, I think I filled my angst for international tournaments quota  up in January and February). And less angst means I get to enjoy it, and that means I’ll have something that’s not “OMFG I HATE HOCKEY RIGHT NOW” to say on here. Whoo…

So yeah… My policy is to always chose a bunch of teams to cheer for and hope that at least one makes it fairly deep in the tournament – and failing that, I’ll just pick more random people to cheer for. God, I love non-hockey international tournaments that don’t involve Canada! ANYWAY… this year I’ll probably cheer for….

Spain – ’cause I cheered for them at the Euro Cup. Although.. .if Torres isn’t playing, we might have a problem… :/

Argentina – ’cause Messi is awesome \o/

I’m thinking the Chicken (France’s national bird is a chicken. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it) needs someone on the other side of the pond to cheer for it. Even if I kinda poked a bit of fun at it at the hockey world championship….

And I’ll probably find some other random country to cheer for at some point during the tournament… we’ll see :D

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2 Responses to Thank goodness we have the World Cup

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Wooooohoooooo! My subtle propaganda worked!! Go chicks go! Err… uh, I mean allez les bleus! :D

    I totally know how you feel about the world cup without your team playing. It’s exactly how I usually feel before the various international hockey tournaments… :p

  2. That’s what you get for alerting me to the fact that France had a CHICKEN on their jersey at the hockey WC :D

    And c’mooooooon……. who doesn’t root for Canada at random international hockey events? I mean aside from people from USA, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, all of Scandinavia and Switzerland???!

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