More whatever this camp is supposed to be stuffs…

No more trekking to Brossard for me until July! Seriously… why did they build that place out in the middle of nowhere again??


My Haaaaaammmiiiies! Stand up straight, Gabby, you look extra short like that :|

Desnoyers knows that he’s supposed to shoot the puck AT the goalie and not OVER or WIDE of the goalie… but that’s easier said than done…


"Must. Hit. The. Goalie."

BlurryLouis fell asleep waiting for the defensemen to finish with their random drills…


Danny: maybe if I stare at him long enough.. he'd wake up...

All kinds of riveting conversations happened… such as:


"No, seriously, do I look fat in this?"



Blanchard: really, dude, you should get matching gear.... Orange would totally look good on you....

Riveting, no? And if they weren’t talking fashion they were………. learning how to fly?


"I'm flyyyyyyyyyyyyyinnggggggg!"

Apparently his potential future teammates weren’t so impressed:


*crickets chirping*

Anyway… Gabby tried to get tips from Olivier on how to not be such a failboat on skates….


"Maybe if you stopped pretending to be a human target you wouldn't get hurt so often and if you didn't get hurt so often, you'd be able to move like a normal human being and not a failboat."

It was also gang on up on the goalie day:


Blanchard: nooo faaaiiiir :(

No really, the goalies got demolished in the drills. Especially Simila. I don’t think he legitimately stopped a puck in the entire first drill :( Poor guy….


Simila is going off to the corner to think about his mistakes....

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2 Responses to More whatever this camp is supposed to be stuffs…

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Ahaha, great captions!

    Poor Simila. I just decided he’s my favourite goalie prospect now that Misshy is gone.

    And how could Gabby be so good last year if he can’t skate??

  2. I think I like Simila a lot too now :D he better get back to the CHL for next year so I can fail at my promise to cut back on CHL teams :D

    I have no idea what the deal with Gabby is…. I’m sure he wasn’t this failboaty when I saw him play (okay, so maybe the first time I was too busy screaming at him for killing my poor Juniors and the second time I was busy screaming at the Tigres to get the heck lost already, but yeah…) :|

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