Pre-Development Camp Thingy: Picspam :D

Once upon a time someone thought it was a cool idea to have a gazillion different camps for their NHL team. After much deliberation, EP finally trekked out to the Wilds of Brossard even though she knew it was going to be a dull day there (Hey, it was better than screaming at Roger who LOST to ROBIN SODERLING)…. ANYWAY… cameras are for taking pictures and pictures are for putting into blog posts so that bloggers will actually have something to talk about! Right? Right!

Okay, listeeeen upppp. Coach Kirk is here!


Oh and look... is that Marty trying to duck out of the way of my camera?

We also found out that they do indeed actually write stuff on those scribbly boards of doom. See?


Marty: Really, it's not as complicated as it looks. You just go this way, then that way, then you skate around this and then turn around that and then you zoom down the ice. EASY.

And let’s not forget that there were like, a million goalies here! (and no Misshy. He’s officially gone. Sob).


Hi. I'm a goalie.


I'm a goalie too.


Hi. My name's Petteri Simila. And I have mis-matched gear today.


I promise I'm not a baby Flyer.... :(


But I'm totally like, taller than you...


ARE NOT. I'm not exactly Mishy sized, but I'm not David sized either!!!


Pfft. David's not even a goalie. Turn around and we'll have this random guy here measure us!


Okay, seriously... this isn't a competition to see who the tallest goalie is. Really, this is more like a competition to see who gets to be Bobby Mayer's backup in the near future....

Moving along…


Hi. I'm Louis. And I ALWAYS come out blurry in EP's pics. ALWAYS. Pretty soon I'm going to end up with the nickname "BlurryLouis".


If EP can't see Philippe's face then maybe she say "Look how dorky he looks in pictures! Poor Philippe :((("


Am I the only one who thinks that his jerseys should say "HunterBishop!" on the back? that'd be more epic.


Trying. Not. To. Step. On. A. Puck. And. Fall. Flat. On. My. Face. (Poor Gabby)


Gabby! Dany! House......?! Who is that???!!! (that's Tanner House apparently. His name is almost as epic as HunterBishop!'s... Almost).


Dany: Bow down to Super Gabby! Gabby: Bahahahahahaha! Marty: what are you doing? Dany and Gabby: err nothing...


Marty demands to see some Hammies jerseys 'cause it's less confusing that way.

Meanwhile…… that’s not who I think it is lurking in the shadows is it? (on the left).  ’cause isn’t he supposed to be “not making phone calls to Columbus” aka family stuff until Thurday…..?


Whatever. Maybe I can blame him for the fact that the Van Hotte ran out of green tea? XD

And yeah… that’s about it.

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4 Responses to Pre-Development Camp Thingy: Picspam :D

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Hey! Nice pics…

    – congrats on the Coach scoop! Even Hi/o didn’t get that!
    – Simila: he took a piece of equipment from each of the gaziliion teams he played for this year… :/
    – I’m sad for Misshy too. Will you keep on following his team?
    – And I liked how Kristo bragged about being the best right-winger in that camp, before he added he was actually the only right winger that was invited! :D He’s our version of Varlamov I guess!

  2. Thanks. It’s not the best pics I’ve ever taken ’cause I left the half decent camera at home :( but stupid captions always make up for that :D

    – Poor Simila. He is a confused goalie now :(
    – I don’t know if I’ll keep on following the Petes ’cause I really do need to cut out some teams :(
    – LOL, yeah I saw that about Kristo :D :D I like our version of Twitchy better than the real one XD

  3. Number31 says:

    We need a picture of Hal Gill standing next to Riley Gill.

    Apparently Coach wants to wait in the AHL a year or two for the job he really wants, which is saving us from Jacques Martin. We love Coach! (Though, I think I’m going to go insane if we have to wait a year or two for Coach… How many young prospects will Martin ruin by then?!)

  4. YES. I really want a pic of Hal Gill standing next to Riley Gill just for the heck of it :D :D this needs to happen. But I guess Riley would need to make the cut for the main camp later…. :(

    I guess waiting a year or two is better than never getting him at all though :((( (but yeah, I don’t know how many more prospects I can stand to watch get totally ruined in the mean time).

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