We are not amused…

This. Is. A. Boring. Hockey. Game.

Game one was so much more fun to watch…. This is just… Yawn…. Whoever suggested that these teams actually play defense was clearly not considering the fact that the poor fans like me would come close to dying of boredom. sob.

Also…. Benoit Groulx just got downgraded to coach of the Olympiques again. Peh. At least the Amerks still have Salak who I can hold a grudge against. Oh and the Panthers did sign Markstrom. So maybe I can hold a grudge against him too!

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4 Responses to We are not amused…

  1. Shan says:

    Yeah, it was dull. If the Flyers get swept, it’ll be funny though!

  2. True! But what won’t be funny is that my TV will be inundated with baseball for the rest of the summer :(

  3. Bobbi says:

    But at least Tolerable has triumphed twice over Evil. I got a lot of Samurai Sudokus done during Game 2.

  4. THAT IS TRUE. Tolerable MUST always win out over evil!!!!

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