In which EP has GRAND PLANS….

Apparently my brain won’t shut off the “hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey” part of it yet. I mean…. I was watching Roger destroy bff Stan and all I kept yelling at the screen was “Shoot the damn puck, already!”.  It was so sad…. Anyway….

Did I ever mention that I have this grand plan of visiting other parts of Canada one day in the near future? If I did, you can skip this. If I didn’t… you can still skip this.

See, a while back I looked at all the rinks I’ve been to…

Silly DC didn't fit on the map...

I thought this was cool and I felt all special for visiting a pile of rinks until I zoomed out and saw this:

Hey... Canada is kinda like, a big country, AYE?

There appears to be a lot more of Canada when you zoom out… damn you google maps for making me feel so very small and insignificant (and damn you English language for making the word “insignificant” annoying to spell when you haven’t had your daily dose of caffeine). ANYWAY…. instead of being all mopey about the fact that this county is flipping HUGE, I started plotting.  The process of said plot went something like this:

  • Durrr have I really not been west of HAMILTON? Really?! (and they weren’t even the Habs AHL team when I was there last time *Sniffles*).
  • … hey, at least I’ve been east… they have OCEANS, yo.
  • But really.. this is pathetic. Stupid Canada being such a stupidly big country. Maybe we should just sell part of it off and use that money and buy up Vermont or Maine or something. Or maybe we could buy  Greenland!
  • Durrr…. I really should go see the rest of Canada….
  • …need a good excuse though…. *trundles off to look at hockey stuffs*
  • Hey, it’d be kinda neat to see where random people play… like London… or like… Abbotsford. Okay, so Abbotsford has a stinky team, but they have pretty mountains at least?
  • Dude, I”m no going all the way to Abbotsford to see mountains. BUT I will go all the way to see the Heat lose! \o/
  • YES. YES. YES. I’ll go to Abbotsford, see mountains, and watch their team LOOOOOOSE.
  • Heh, that’s kinda  waste of money though. Unless the Hammies are there…
  • BUT! I could be all like “I’m going to go see hockey but then I could be all like ‘well, I’ll see other stuff so I can say “I saw other parts of CANADA, yo!”…. ‘…. yeah….!!!”
  • Now I just need money. Like, lots of money. Damn you lack of money….. Sob…..

So there we go. All I need is money. And I guess a car would be nice…. but other than that…. I’m ready to go road tripping across Canada. BOO YEAH.

I swear I’ve already written a post about said plans…. but I can’t find it… so I guess I didn’t? I think I need caffeine now….

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10 Responses to In which EP has GRAND PLANS….

  1. Shan says:

    Ambitious, but umm, yeah, money tends to be a huge factor.

    That being said, superfandom isn’t all that matters. Seeing more of Canada is great, but more hockey probably won’t be as fulfilling as hoped.

    I don’t know, I like spontaneity and dreaming big, but there should be a sense of purpose, too.

    Canada is a big, beautiful country that is worth seeing in its entirety, I believe that strongly. But more than just observing we’ve gotta climb in and be part of the fabric.

  2. Number31 says:

    It’s a lovely drive. I went camping across Canada (stopped before BC) and then came back through the northern States. But it’s usually a lot colder when there’s hockey to watch…

    • Shan says:

      Number31, BC is the reason to go west. Stopping before BC is like getting two feet away from the peak of Everest and then turning around. It’s like reaching Mount Doom without the One Ring. BC is really special.

      • Number31 says:

        I know but didn’t have much choice :( Was in the backseat of the car depending on my poor parents driving/fighting their way across the country. Next time I’ll go the whole way. (Also wanted to go up to the Yukon, but I couldn’t convince them to do so).

    • I wanna go to the Yukon :( Hockey or no hockey!

      • Shan says:

        A couple of my friends took buses from here to Whitehorse a few years ago, just for the hell of it.

  3. Shan – I hear you! There was more to the plan but I guess my non-caffeinated brain didn’t exactly get around to sharing that part xD;;;; I really do want to see more of Canada though. It’s pretty sad how little of it I have seen :(((( *starts saving up money* I’M COMING FOR YOU CANADA.

    Number31 – \o/ I don’t mind the cold… :D

  4. DogsPA says:

    Don’t worry about spending money on a Dogs ticket – got you covered. The trip here is entirely on your dime. Why not start a band and tour? It seems so easy in RockBand…

  5. Oh I should totally start a band :D I can’t sing and I can’t play any of the instruments that are generally found in bands though…. Drat :D

  6. Bobbi says:

    This post will get Dave going. You know he does baseball trips? He’s been to every MLB park and many minor league parks. For the details, visit

    Hockey rinks I’ve visited: The late Capital Centre (aka US Air Arena), Verizon Center, Kettler Capitals Iceplex (and Mount Vernon ice rink where the Caps used to practice), Giant Center (Hershey, PA), the Meadowlands (former home of the NJ Devils where we almost got splattered with pizza), and an ECHL rink in Prince Georges County, MD. I’ve been to others when they were being used for things other than hockey.

    Baseball parks I’ve visited: Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards (B’more, MD), RFK Stadium and Nationals Park (DC), Exhibition Stadium and the Skydome (or whatever it’s called in Toronto), Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, Qualcom Stadium (San Diego), Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and the minor league park in Woodbridge, VA.

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