Yeah, I’m alive… :D

Righto so… who’s bright idea was it to have development camp like… almost next week? Seriously? I bet this was a plot to get me to forget about the Hammies. Well, it worked.

I wasn’t planning on going to development camp ’cause really, it’s in the middle of nowhere and I’m tired of trekking out to the middle of nowhere (did it enough with those visits to The Cave).. BUT! Desnoyers is going and Gabby is going… and Philippe is going…. and Simila is going…. and Mishy is… not going?!!!!!!!  Why is Mishy not going?! Is this a typo ’cause for some reason the list that you can download from the Habs site is a fail WORD document… or is this a plot to let Mishy go? :((((( poor baby giant goalie! He was so awesome when I saw him destroy the 67s in shootout back in… January.

ANYWAY…  yeah… Dany… Gabby… Philippe… Desnoyers….it’s gonna be like the Volts are back. Minus Coach. Oh… damn… *goes off and sobs* um yeah, where was I? Oh yeah…. And Danny with two Ns is coming (is he done with college already? Seriously, hurry the heck up with your education. It’s annoying to see you doing good stuff with teams (hello National USA team thing) that I don’t care for) and that Louis kid (XD) is coming.

Haven’t got a clue why I’m listing the guys who are going. You can just download the fail document yourself XD  I guess I’ll just trek out to the middle of nowhere to see some Hammies…. *sobs*


Hey.. speaking of goalies…. (yeah, we were talking about goalies. Remember?) is it too early to start subtly pressuring Gauthier into drafting a certain Mark Visentin? (’cause I really don’t want Clermont but I’d like a good goalie).  I’d like a good goalie this year, please. Not that Simila isn’t good…. but…. I want Mark :(


ALSO…. Habs signed some guy called Kyle Klubertanz. Don’t know anything about him other than if he was a goalie, Don Cherry would be messing his name up for sure *nods*

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3 Responses to Yeah, I’m alive… :D

  1. Number31 says:


    What? Visenti? You don’t want McGrubauer? (Yea, that’s what we call him). He used to be PK’s Belleville Bulls backup. Though I’m sure someone will snatch him up fast…

  2. Shan says:

    Isn’t the camp in the training facility in Brossard? That’s not the middle of nowhere.

    Have fun! Update a lot.

  3. Number31 – Clubbertank! Oh dear, I think that comes dangerously close to usurping HunterBishop! as the “dude with the most fun name to say” :D I’m a little bitter about Grubauer… but I guess he’d be okay too ;p

    Shan – Brossard is in the middle of nowhere if you have to take public transit :D

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