Totally random post about Bobby Mayer…

So the NHL had this thingy about Bobby Mayer. Among the highlights:

I’ve never been out that far west. I’m enjoying seeing everything on the road. At the airport, we see mountains or whatever. It’s nothing like back home.

(yeah, I realized after that he probably meant Cincy and not his home back in Europe but.. XDD)

And… baby goalie has to do manual labor….

After carrying the Cyclones to this point in the playoffs, Mayer was also comfortable doing the same for his teammates through the airports. His hot streak didn’t change his status as a rookie, nor did it absolve him of the chore of transporting the bags from the team bus to the check-in counter.

“There’re no excuses,” Mayer said. “It doesn’t matter if you had a shutout last night. All the rookies have to do a little extra stuff. I carry their bags because they were helping me out back there (on the ice). It’s a team game. A rookie has to do his job.”

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3 Responses to Totally random post about Bobby Mayer…

  1. Shan says:

    The great thing about your drawings is the impeccable detail.

  2. Dannielle says:

    I LOVE IT! Hahaha. <3

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