Hammies vs Jamie Benn: *stabbity stab stab stab*

Period One

  • Sending good Cycs vibes towards the Hammies (seriously. They can win the Kelly Cup tonight. How sick would that be if they won tonight? Very).
  • Just a question… but where they do find these people to sing their national anthems? Austin and it’s subsequent boroughs have to have at least ONE person who can sing better than this….. :|
  • Durrrrrrrrr PK already………………….. *headdesk*
  • This crowd is noisy. Yuck.
  • Well, this is going to hell quickly…….And by that I mean all the smacking that just happened after the whistle (PS. Jamie Benn… hitting Alex Henry might not be a good idea… just saying…)
  • Peh. All that amounted to another PP for the Stars.
  • Successful PK notwithstanding, I’m not sure this was the start that Coach was looking for. I guess it could be worse though ><
  • Oh has the cheap stuff started? I saw (heard) that trip thing on Benoit.
  • Of course it’s Conboy going to the box for…. actually, nobody knows what it was for. Confused.
  • FINALLY the Stars get called for something. Too bad this is going to be the world’s shortest PP….
  • Can Jamie Benn get a good case of food poisoning?
  • Have the Hammies had any shots yet?
  • Oh there was one by Gabby.
  • That was a nice shift by Wyman. Despite the part where he nearly had his head taken off and the blatant trip.
  • @_@ I appreciate these chances that the Hammies are getting, but every time the Stars get a good scoring chance, I freak out….
  • Sigh. ANOTHER penalty? Sigh.
  • And cue some more smashing after the whistle….
  • I do like this idea of smacking Jamie Benn around though (as long as it doesn’t lead to more penalties).

Second period

  • oh look… it IS possible for a Star to be assessed a penalty!
  • Meh. I preferred the fail version of Climie. Although he was a fail in game three and look where that went….
  • Um who’s PP is this now? Is confused by all this “Jamie Benn takes a shot” stuff.
  • And the puck goes down one end and then back to the other… and then back to one end and then back down to the other…. and then… oh it’s a commercial break. ‘
  • Erm. Why is Sanford doing all the work? I mean, he’s doing a fantastic job so far… but…. it’d be nice if Climie had a bit more of a workout, yeah?
  • Scrum. Scrum. Scrum. Is this the Stars or the Heat?
  • Errr these fans are strange. Who cheers for their player when said player is IN the box?
  • Wait a sec… Wes-dude just said that their slogan is “keep it weird”………………… Seriously?
  • “The ref looks like he’s trying to land a plane” with the way he’s waving his hands around.
  • And what he really means is that Brrrock is going to the box.
  • At least their PK has been good.
  • But it’s still 1-0. I’d be a little happier if it was 2-0 (and super happy if it was 5-0).
  • When will the Hammies learn NOT GIVING THE PUCK TO JAMIE BENN?! >_<
  • *curls up in a ball and bites fingers having absolutely no nails left*
  • Okay…. this period is over. Time to go freak out over the Cycs!!!!

Third period

  • Well….. that’s a buzz kill. 1-1 thanks to Jamie Freaking Benn (who else?).
  • This period sucks so far. Including Brrrrock being braindead and taking the lamest penalty ever. While on the PP.
  • Jamie Benn: Officially Killing Seriously Awesome Happy Vibes Since 2010. ><
  • ack! What’s been happening? I seriously dozed off for a few mins…. don’t know how that happened o.<
  • Guess I should go back to sleep. Bruuuuuuutaaal reffing right now :|
  • But thank god someone tripped up a Hammie and will now be going to the box….
  • Those aren’t “ref you suck” chants are they? Please.
  • You know who else is really annoying? Jancevski. Enough with the brilliant defensive plays already.
  • “This is a nail-biter”. EXACTLY. And this is why I can’t type right now. Too busy biting aforementioned nails (well, fingers really).
  • Oh yes… CYCS SHOUTOUT! \o/ \o/
  • Crap, we’re going to OT. CRAP.


  • doing dishes. Need to do something productive, yeah?
  • Well, I guess if the Bears can drop back to back games, anyone can…  I’m going to make sure Jamie Benn gets a serious case of food poisoning tomorrow though….
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