Hammies vs Jamie Benn: *barfs*

Have just two things to say before the puck drops…


2) Yo, the Bears just dropped two games in a row. THINK ABOUT THAT. Or else I’ll have to break out the dunce hats….

First period

  • I think this person takes the cake for the worst job singing the American national anthem (for this week anyway). OUCH.
  • Oy…. Stars are full of energy tonight :|
  • Hahaha Gluuu going in four on one = penalty for the Stars.
  • Gahhhh Trrrotter…. that was close…. :|
  • WHOOOOOO RRRRRYAN WHIIIIIITE!!!! Well, that’s hardly a surprise considering EVERYONE was taking a gazillion shots there :D 1-0
  • ummm…….CLEAR THE PUCK, PLEASE!!!!!
  • omg…. the puck is STILL in the Hammies zone…. CLEAR.
  • thank you :|
  • duuurrr penalty ’cause the Star guy hit his own goalie? (Mr. Wes-dude says Newbie hit the guy who hit the goalie so…)
  • Damnit…. Is it just me or have 99% of the Stars goals been complete garbage (or rather… off of Sanford…. :|) ? 1-1.
  • Meh :|
  • Another PP coming up….
  • Brrrrock, you’ve missed two good chances now (bouncing puck notwithstanding) :(
  • Wes-dude: Even though they haven’t been scoring, they’ve got to be happy with the chances (you try telling that to Guy “I wasn’t 100% happy with the last game even though we won 3-1 and only allowed one flukey goal” Boucher).
  • Chances at one end…. and then at the other end…. and then back to the other end…. and then…… my nerves can’t take this!
  • and now apparently Sanford pretty much robbed some Star guy :O
  • Good time to finish the period!

Second period

  • Watching the Calgary Failmen smacking around the Wheat Kings…. I think we’re in for  Spits/Failmen final….
  • Oh some nice chances by Patches there. I was worried that this was going to happen:


  • Those fans are kinda loud. Which is kinda annoying.
  • Durrr Wathier (hey look, I remembered a Star guy’s name for once) just demolished Olivier and Gabby…. :|
  • Ummm the Stars are really taking it to the Hammies right now. Not good.
  • Oyyyy….. can’t watch err listen….
  • *sends Sanford some chocolate milk* I dunno if you need to be Slovak for this to work, but whatever.. it’s worth a shot as long as he’s not lactose intolerant….
  • Shooting gallery……………
  • Are you kidding me?! David going to the box? :|
  • Need functional PP! It’s not like it hasn’t virtually been an 8 min PP anyway….! KILL IT.
  • Well, the good news is that they killed it. The bad news? Brrrrock’s going to the box now. Ten bucks says Coach is getting ready to go all eyjafjallajokull?
  • Well, if it wasn’t before, he has to be now…. You Know Who just scored. 2-1 for the flipping Stars.
  • Not sure I understand what half these penalty calls against the Hammies are for?
  • Well $%^&* that…. 3-1. How the hell has this PK been this bad in the playoffs?
  • I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the idea that this might be like game 3 versus the Moose. Or game 4 versus the Heat.
  • Or not. Gluu has other ideas apparently. 3-2 now! No, I’m not jumping up and down yet. *puts down dunce hats for now though*
  • Heh. Fail PP time!
  • Well…. that could have sucked a lot more than it did. Now score a freaking goal on the PP when  you come back in the third period. Eyjafjallajokull is still gonna explode though.

Third period

  • Erm that kinda wasn’t the start of the period I was hoping for….
  • Well, the boys look less dead… That’s a good sign, right?
  • Right?
  • RIGHT?
  • I appreciate the chances the Hammies getting at least….
  • You know who should score? Brrrrock Trotter.  He really should have two goals by now.
  • Fail PP time!
  • Newbie thinks he’s playing baseball. He shot the puck kinda at Climie and it went waaaaay out of the rink ;)
  • Chances, chances, chances… but not freaking goal.
  • What the #$%^&………………………………………..?! Of course there was no freaking interference. OF COURSE. 4-3.
  • *curls up in a ball and dies*
  • Wow….. O.O
  • OT here we come…..


  • past the 14 second mark and we’re still playing… poop….
  • EFF THAT. 5-4 final. Uuuuuuuughhhhh….. *crawls into a hole and dies*
  • I mean really.. it was just demoralizing considering the hill they had to climb to send it to OT. I mean.. overall it’s not exactly bad….. They’ll just need to win game 4 now. Or else it’ll be all DOOM AND GLOOM around here.
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    2 Responses to Hammies vs Jamie Benn: *barfs*

    1. Number31 says:

      People complaining about officiating in the NHL Playoffs: May I direct your attention to the AHL where the shittiest of shitty officials get to work important games and allow goalie interference goals. And because there’s only one of them, they seem to have this I AM NEVER WRONG attitude.

      Guaranteed if the Bulldogs did that to Climie they’d call it :E

    2. Exactly!!! :| I really am not about to blame the loss on the refs (unless they put sedatives in the Hammies water bottles in the second period, it’s not their fault that the boys fell asleep) but it’s super frustrating when the reffing is really shitty….

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