Meanwhile… the rest of the hockey world is…

Imploding apparently.

First off…. the Habs….  I’m sorry, but they take the cake for the biggest implosion of the weekend (which started AFTER the Booins imploded on Friday). I don’t know how to describe last night’s “game”. “Disaster”, “pathetic”, “craptacular”, “horrendous”, “lacking zero intensity from the boys in red”, “embarrassing”, “abominable”, “confusing in the sense that I’m confused why Ryan O’Byrne wasn’t playing”, “disorganized”, “atrocious”, “idiotic (as in “the Flyers fans have to be some of the biggest idiots in the NHL”. Apologies to the few good ones!)”, “dreadful” and “scary in the sense that the possibility of seeing the Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals is the scariest thing I’ve heard so far” are words that come to mind but don’t seem to do it justice. Meh, heck with that game. Let’s just hope they put in a better effort in game 2.

Second…. Hello Team Canada…. what were you doing imploding against Sweden? Oh right, you’re injury bitten, you’re putting out your C team (which, all things considered, is doing an admirable job) and nobody but Russia really cares about this tournament right now. Oh well…..

Third… .my favorite implosion of the weekend though was hands down the Moncton Wildcats 4-0 loss to the Wheat Kings. I just hope the Wildcats dont’ pull a Windsor from last year (Spits lost their first two games and Kelowna failed to get the job done and eliminate them for real and then they came back and smacked Kelowna in the face in the finals)… but yeah.. .right now, I’m just going to thank the Wheat Kings for winning (and man, I need to follow the WHL one day. Between Calgary and Brandon, the only guy I know is Luke Schenn’s brother. Oh and… doesn’t Kozun play for the Hitment? Okay, him too).

Annnnnd… in not implosion news: Cycs are currently up 2-0 over the Idaho uh…. somethings (I keep thinking “potatoes” but that’s not right XD)  in the Kelly Cup finals \o/

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