Hammies vs Jamie Benn: Take that! *smoosh*

First period

  • This is going to be a verrrry long series if Climie doesnt’ quit making saves….  :|
  • I kinda like it when the Stars are being disorganized like this… Now if only Mr. Climie could be a little disorganized too……
  • Duuurrrr? Did the Stars just get penalty? Or was it the Hammies for having eight guys on the ice?
  • I guess it’s the Stars ’cause here comes a fail PP.
  • I can hear some “Go Dogs Go” chants <3
  • Go away, Jamie Benn…. :|
  • Nothing particularly amazingly interesting is happening (which may or may not be a horribly bad thing) but it means I have nothing interesting to say.
  • Behhhhhhh I don’t know how many shots they just had and finally stupid Climi just robbed Newbie (poor, poor Newbie would really like a goal soon)……
  • Imagine if this game was like the Cycs one last night (where they only scored the GWG with under a minute left in the third period)??? Well, I guess as long as the good guys score and win, it’ll be okay….
  • Trying to imagine how David can get called for goalie interference… He’s way too short to do anything…. I mean, most goalies can’t even SEE him……Oh well…. PK coming up… Don’t forget to watch for that Jamie Benn guy.
  • Oh yes, yes, Jamie Benn can cough the puck up to Ryan Russell who can then almost score SH any time….!
  • Hammies fans don’t like the refs today. They’re booing every call that their making. Works for me!
  • HELLO. Don’t give the puck away to JAMIE BENN! Sheesh. Aren’t we lucky that he 1) kinda messed that up 2) that Anderson blocked the shot and 3) that Sanford covered the puck up.
  • Oh man… I seem to have left some random food show on TV and I’m STARVING now.
  • Another fail PP coming up.
  • Duuur did they just say that Sanford had to act like a second basemen? :S

Second period

  • WHOOOOOOOO! RRRRRYAN RRRRRUSSELL! 1-0! It wasn’t quite 14 seconds into the period but we’ll take that =p
  • hahaha Jamie Benn was considering maybe fighting Henry. Hahahahaha…. good luck with that, Jamie.
  • Lame…… PK time…. that whole puck over glass thing is a STUPID penalty. Unless of course a Star dude does it. Of course we’re homers around here.
  • “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ALEX HENRY?” YEAH, DUDE, WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! WOW. That’s what you get for giving him a stupid penalty! :D :D :D :D :D 2-0
  • I’m kinda missing what’s going on ’cause I’m still sitting here going “omg, ALEX HENRY?”
  • oh… they’re on the PK now?
  • That was an effective PK. And no, I’m not being sarcastic this time.
  • the kind of things we approve of: White blocking a shot and then bumping into Jamie Benn on the way back to the bench.
  • A little distracted by the fact that the Wheat Kings aren’t epic failing against the Wildcats right now. In fact, they’re up 1-0. For now.
  • Henry just got run over by Benn? Meh. At least Anderson ran Benn over afterwards. TEAM WORK.
  • uh what was that?!?! The puck was shot from BEHIND the net and hit Sanford from behind and went in…. 2-1. Don’t like that :|
  • and what the hell was that?! Now they’re going to get a freaking goaltender interference call?!?!?!?! (which would’ve been a GOAL if that wasn’t a stupid penalty). Guhhhhh…………
  • Gah…those last few mins STUNK. At least the rest of the period was good.
  • Do. Not. Let. The. Stars. Come. Back.

Third period

  • “The Stars try to find their way through the maze of players… there may not be a piece of cheese at the end of that maze.” Too funny :D
  • Stupid Starsm you can’t go dumping my players…… :|
  • Sanford just robbed… uh.. .some guy (heh, still haven’t bothered to pay attention to the Stars exactly)
  • Olivier (hi, haven’t seen you in a while) goes end to end and… no goal….
  • The Stars seem to be awake now. Boo. Go back to sleep, Stars!
  • *bites fingers*
  • Hammies doing a good job of keeping the Stars around the edges (edges? whatever the hell you want to call it). But still *bites fingers*
  • GLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-1!!!!!!!! Well, can’t start breathing just yet… but still….. YAY!
  • 8 mins left.
  • *bites fingers*
  • 5 and 1/2 mins left…..
  • Can the puck PLEASE get out of the Hammies’ zone?
  • I freak out MAJORLY whenever I hear Al say “uhoh”…
  • *covers eyes* oh wait… I can still hear them. Duhhhh, EP…. ><
  • Stevenson hit the post… and it was an EMPTY net…..
  • Yo, guys? Can we stop saying what the STARS need to do to score? PLEASE? PLEASE?
  • Duuurrrrr I know it’s not easy to hit an open net when you’re in your own zone…. but still :(
  • 14 seconds left.
  • Err no, it’s 13 ’cause they just randomly took time off.
  • wtf.. .get the hell away, Stars… stop beating up my Hammies! GET OFF.
  • Okay, let me punch the Stars. *punches screen instead*
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